Minutes of the BARC Executive Committee Meeting
March 6, 1996

Present were: Bob Salow, WA1IDA; Mike Ardai, President, N1IST; Ed Hennessy, Secretary, N1PBA; Arthur Ashley, Membership, N1NHZ; Ed Parish, VP, WA2SCA; John Garrett, WN9T; Phil Temples, K9HI; Bob Cassell, N1ENS.

Mike, N1IST, called the meeting to order at 6:50.

Bob, WA1IDA, said that someone who had tentatively volunteered to be the newsletter editor had backed out. We need to find someone. Ed, N1PBA, offered to serve as interim editor this month, since he'd done it last month.

Bob also mentioned that Marathon plans continue to roll along. The meetings for ham volunteers have been tentatively planned, but locations and exact times have not been set yet. He said that plans were being finalized for net control (technical issues, location, antennas).

John, WN9T, said he is still working on trying to get a digipeater for the marathon installed on the Hancock Tower. He will update us when he gets word one way or the other.

Ed, WA2SCA, said that he'd spent the day working with John on the Brookline repeater, by request of its trustee. It is now operational, and many bugs were fixed. It will probably be ready and okay to use for the marathon.

Ed also said he will be picking up a loaned GE 440 repeater to be used for the marathon. It's a 10w, self-contained unit.

Ed has also been in touch with a ham who would like to use APRS for the marathon. Ed will be working with him. APRS has some use for reporting where official vehicles, etc., are located. APRS will be used only if a) it doesn't cause interference to the main communications frequencies, and b) it tests out well during pre-race tests.

Phil, K9HI, asked how renewals were going. Although Treasurer Dug, KD1NU, was not present to give exact numbers, Mike and Bob said that there have been over 100 renewals so far for '96.

A discussion began on how we can recruit new members. Along with beginning to have more activities again, we will look into getting a list of all hams within the 021xx zip code area from the ARRL. We would cross this to our roster and mail something to non-members. Phil will look into using the ARRL's bulk mailing permit.

Mike mentioned that Joe Rich, N1OCS, will be unable to speak at the April meeting because he will be travelling out of the country on business. He has offered to speak at a future meeting to be determined.

Mike has looked into prices for a club banner with the club logo. He was quoted between $400 and $430 for a 4x4 banner. He has printed a copy of the logo on paper, and will look into printing it onto plastic and then laminating that. This would reduce the cost considerably.

Mike also said that the badges will be printed soon. He still needs to find an inexpensive source for badge clips. He will check at Charette.

There is stil no speaker for March, although a few ideas were mentioned. These will be followed up on.

The group also had a discussion on activities for the club. Mentioned were: another operating event/message fair at the Cassin Young (perhaps in conjunction with another club), a fox hunt (which WN9T and N1IST will work on), and possible field trips to the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Taunton (their open house is May 4-5) and the ARRL.

Mike will verify the room reservations at the Volpe and look into the possibility of getting the 12th floor conference room. The auditorium is really too large, and the room we had in February was too small.

A suggestion was made by Bob and Mike to once again print new members' names and calls in the newsletter. This practice will start with the March newsletter.

Arthur, N1NHZ, suggested that we add our ham interests when we give name, call, and city in our introductions at club meetings. It would help people find others who enjoy the same parts of the hobby.

Phil mentioned that VE session attendance has been dropping. Mike said that no complaints on the location have been made. It was hard to say what was causing this drop in examinees.

Discussion on events followed. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:35 PM.