Minutes of the BARC Executive Committee Meeting
April 10, 1996

Taken by Ed Hennessy, N1PBA, Club Secretary

Present were Bob Salow, WA1IDA; Paul Carter, N1TMF; Ed Parish, WA2SCA, Vice President; Mike Ardai, N1IST, President; Dug Johnson, KD1NU, Treasurer; Arthur Ashley, N1NHZ; Ed Hennessy, N1PBA, Secretary. Phil Temples, K9HI was unable to attend due to illness.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM.

Mike N1IST said that the badges are in, and he displayed them. They are made for all who have paid up by February 29, and will be available at the General Meeting and the Marathon. He said they cost slightly more than the original estimate, but at 40 cents each, they were much cheaper than the $1.25 quote he had first gotten from one place.

Mike also stated that the banner would be ready by the end of the week. It will be displayed at the marathon, at aid station 16 (the one which is prominently in view of the TV cameras, due to its location on the course!).

Mike also stated that the April speaker is set, and we also have one for June--Joe Dolliver from Rivendell, who will speak either on new equipment, etc., or on radio controlled planes. There are a few possibles for May, one of which is a Skywarn speaker, since May is a weather awareness month.

Mike mentioned that club activities should begin soon. We will begin having field day meetings, and we can begin to plan a fox hunt (assuming the snow is finished...).

Mike stated that he would continue to make sure we have facilities reserved at the Volpe and MASSPEP. He needs to coordinate with the Volpe, to be sure that the right people know we meet there. Also, he'd like to send a note to MASSPEP thanking them for their support and use of their facility.

Mike indicated that we should be able to use storage space at a club member's house very soon, so that we can stop renting a U-Haul storage room (at $80 per month).

He also said that the ARRL Affiliated Club and Special Service Club renewals would be sent to Newington soon.

Paul, N1TMF, said he was glad to be given the opportunity to be editor of the SPARC, and he's happy to help out. He's looking for suggestions on improvements, and he's also looking for input/articles.

Bob, WA1IDA, said that a while back, the club gave a plaque in memory of W2KOY, to be hung in the club shack. Since we have no shack at the moment, the plaque is stored in a box at Phil's (K9HI's) house. Phil suggests that we ask the Harvard Wireless Club to be temporary guardian of the plaque, and post it on our behalf, until our shack is ready. Those present agreed that this was a good idea.

Bob said he got a call from WGBH asking for help from the club for their fundraiser, to be held April 13-25 (7 AM-noon, and weekends 4-7 PM). The help would be in answerung phones. Bob didn't promise them anything. Those present felt that it would be nice to help, but given that the marathon is right in that time period, it would be difficult to get anyone to help.

Ed, N1PBA, mentioned that he got a call from someone at Citizen Schools, who run an apprenticeship-type of program for kids 9-13 years old. She said they do many hands-on lessons, and wondered if anything in amateur radio would be appropriate. Ed filled her in on some details of ham radio, and suggested some activities. This is a summer program. All present felt this would be an excellent opportunity. Ed said he was waiting for more info from her, but would keep everyone posted. A few suggestions were made to help the program learn about us and what we can do: have a staffer attend a meeting to see what we're about; have a group attend Field Day; bring a demo to them; do a kit building session.

Bob, WA1IDA indicated that we have 120 paid memberships/renewals as of the meeting time.

Arthur, N1NHZ, asked that Bob Wondolowski, N1KDA, be given a supply of maps, applications, newsletters, etc., to hand out to those at the VE sessions.

Dug, KD1NU, stated that the club treasury has $1648.03, including new member applications and renewals he had just processed.

Ed, WA2SCA, said that he'd been doing work on some of the repeaters that will be used for the marathon. He encourages people to use them, and report anything unusual to him. The Brookline repeater got a new controller, the receiver was tuned (it was off 5 kHz), and the cans were aligned. The Wellesley repeater got a new antenna and the cans were re- tuned. Ed also installed a UHF repeater along the course for marathon use. He said that 145.31 is back on the air temporarily for marathon use--it's been on most of this week, and will shut down again after the race. Ed said that he'd received confirmation from all the repeater trustees of their permission to use their repeaters. MIT was originally reluctant, but agreed. Ed also expressed his displeasure at ICOM. They had originally promised to provide some equipment in support of the marathon, but this never materialized.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.