Minutes of the BARC Executive Committee Meeting
June 5, 1996

Recorded by Ed Hennessy, N1PBA, Club Secretary

Present were: Paul Carter, N1TMF, Newsletter Editor; Bob Salow, WA1IDA, Public Service Chair; Arthur Ashley, N1NHZ, Membership Services Chair; Bob Cassell, N1ENS; Dick Doherty, KA1TUZ, Nomination Committee; Ed Parish, WA2SCA, VP; Mike Ardai, N1IST, President; Ed Hennessy, N1PBA, Secretary; Treasurer Dug Johnson and Field Day Chair Josh Sattin, N1PNN, were not able to attend.

The meeting began at 7:15PM.

Dick, KA1TUZ, reported that the Nomination Committee was still looking for a person to run for treasurer or vice president (one person volunteered to run for either position). The slate will be announced at the June meeting, and nominations from the floor will be accepted then.

Mike, N1IST, said that he needed to confirm with Joe Dolliver of Rivendell that he would be speaking at the June meeting. Joe agreed months ago; Mike will find out what he will speak on--R/C aircraft or new stuff in amateur radio.

Mike, and Bob, WA1IDA, then mentioned that we have to find a new location for the VE sessions. Wentworth owns the building that MASSPEP is in, and they are taking more and more of the rooms back, including the VE room. MASSPEP is trying to help us find other space in the building, but it doesn't look promising. There is one possibility, but it's a basement room with no windows and no ventilation--not appropriate for testing anything. The problem is that the VE session is in less than a week, so we need to find a close-by spot to hold the test, since we will have to meet the examinees at MASSPEP and go elsewhere. A few places were mentioned, such as a nearby firehouse, as temporary sites for Monday. Discussion continued on sites for a permanent home; we will work on both of these and get back to Mike by the end of the week.

Dick asked about the possibility of electing two of the Executive Committee members. We noted that this would require a change in the by-laws, but the bigger concern is that we need to solicit people to appoint or run--either way, we need people to commit. Mike expressed his desire to get committees going again and get volunteers. He will make an effort to do that in the next few months.

On activities, Mike mentioned a few: the annual Boston Fireboat tour of Boston Harbor will take place again this year. It will be on July 21 (unfortunately, it's again on an MIT flea date, but that was when the boat and crew was available). Mike also said he would like to plan a summer picnic/foxhunt. The group discussed sites to use, which included Larz Andreson Park and the Arnold Arboretum. Mike is looking for someone to head this up.

Dick said that he recently saw ceramic coffee cups that the Lynn Police had had made and were selling. He thought it might be a good thing for BARC to do--both members and non-members might be interested in buying the cups (many people collect them). The group agreed it was worth looking into. Mike asked Dick to check with the Lynn PD and get cost information (they bought a gross--we'd start with a much smaller number, so the cost would probably be higher).

Mike will have the "I survived BARC Field Day" t-shirts available at the MIT flea and the General Meeting.

Bob, WA1IDA, said that the banner should be in his hands soon (KA1PPG has it now) and he'll arrange to get it to Field Day.

Arthur mentioned that we might want to associate with the Museum of Science. Bob mentioned that BARC pursued this a few years ago, and it was not feasible. They close at 5PM, and, in order to use the facility after that, we have to guarantee a certain level of attendance, and pay for use of the museum. We can't do either.

Bob mentioned that the Salvation Army would like to get SATERN (Salvation Army Emergency Radio Network) more active in greater Boston in disaster communications. He told them that we would be interested in helping that happen. Bob said, however, that personnel changes there may change this.

Bob spoke about the orange 'emergency communications' caps used at the Marathon. They were a gift to BARC, and several are left after Marathon hams got them. Bob will check with the donor to see if any stipulations were placed on the donation, and, if not, BARC may pursue selling them. A lot of interest was generated about these caps during the marathon. Bob mentioned that, in any case, we need to stress that these caps should be worn only when working emergency communications, so that their effectiveness is not diluted.

Ed, N1PBA, mentioned that he had spoken with Stephanie Davalos, assistant director of Citizen Schools, last week. He asked her if anyone had signed up to be an apprenticeship teacher for the program. She stated that no one had, but that there was still some time. Ed told her that the announcement would be in the next SPARC, and we would see what developed from that. Ed also gave her Bob Salow's number, so she could get contact information for MASSPEP, and try to link up with them. Ed said that it was probably the mid-afternoon time that was keeping more people from volunteering, but he felt this was an important program BARC should remain involved with. He also said that there is a fall program and this might generate more interest--it is after school.

Mike gave a Field Day update. He asked Ed, N1PBA, to write up press releases to send to TV and radio stations and the Globe to get some publicity for Field Day. Mike reported that the porta-potty was ordered today, and would cost $80. Also, the tents would be arriving at the park at 10AM; we have two of the same type we had last year. Mike is also making sure that we are confirmed with the Town of Brookline. We need someone to pick up gas cans in storage and a computer at N1PAZ prior to Field Day.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.