Minutes of the BARC Executive Committee Meeting
July 2, 1996

Recorded by Ed Hennessy, N1PBA, Club Secretary

Present were Bob Salow, WA1IDA; Mike Ardai, President, N1IST; Arthur Ashley, Treasurer, N1NHZ; Dick Doherty, KA1TUZ; Paul Carter, N1TMF; Ed Hennessy, Secretary, N1PBA; Ralph Walton, N1KOI; Ed Parish, WA2SCA; Dave Hunt, VP, WX1G; Bob Cassell, N1ENS.

The meeting was called to order at 6:50 PM

Bob, WA1IDA, mentioned that 44 people had signed in at Field Day (total of participants and guests). Mike, N1IST, said he will update the web page with the stats and pictures he now has.

Mike said that BARC was thanked in the latest ARRL newsletter for VEs for the VE email mailing list he runs.

Mike also said that we need an alternate VE session location again this month; Engine 37 was a temporary one-time thing. Dick, KA1TUZ will look into a few locations, and the temporary location will appear in the SPARC. (We will need a temporary spot until September.) Mike asked Ed, N1PBA, to write thank you letters to the District Chief and Captain at Engine 37 and to N1IWF at Engine 33 for arranging use of the firehouse for the June VE session.

Mike said that we need to do something with the club shack, especially now that we have had some members come forward and do some activities with the equipment. There are two issues: storage of the stuff and a room to hold activities in.

Dick spoke of a potential speaker for a meeting. She works at the Volpe and would speak on GPS. Mike will contact her.

Mike said that it's time for the club to consider offering another class.

Bob, WA1IDA, asked for the comittee's opinions on proposals for WRC 1999. One involves CW testing requirements, and the other would involve the number of US license classes. More on this will be forthcoming.

A discussion of Field Day began. Mike explained that the tent was still available from the National Guard, but that they had no one available to come set it up (despite the original arrangement). They didn't give us enough time to come up with a tent on our own. Thanks to Rich Amarault, N1JDU, for providing the tent we used. Thanks also go to N1HID for providing the satellite radios and to W1UF for the generator. Bob, WA1IDA, suggested that we have a large FD checklist, and we can even delegate items on it to members. He said that some clubs go through setup and teardown a month or more in advance to see if everything is ready. Maybe we should try that. Also, we should try planning FD at General Meetings to get more people involved (rather than just at FD committee meetings). We discussed buying a tent (again), although this time, it was decided that if, after hearing the Treasurer's Report, we had funds, we *would* buy a tent.

Mike said that the July speaker would be Joe Rich, N1OCS, speaking on his Easter Island DXpedition.

Arthur, N1NHZ, said there is $3965.90 in the club account. We have a large enough balance in the equipment account to get the tent. Dick, KA1TUZ, will buy one when they go on sale and get reimbursed.

Mike mentioned that he'd like to get our stuff out of storage, and save the $80 per month fee. After discussing what we have stored there (mostly old furniture), we decided to dump the stuff and start over (it would be cheaper). The few pieces of equipment there would be moved elsewhere and the rest dumped. Mike, Ed and Dick agreed to go to the storage area on July 20th and take care of this.

Mike proposed (again) and the committee agreed, that we should offer a free year's membership to those who come and speak. It will begin now.

Mike said he still has about 75 badges that have not been picked up at meetings. It will be too costly for the club to mail these out. The group agreed that if someone wants a badge and cannot get one at a meeting, then they should send a SASE and we will mail the badge (without a clip) to them.

Mike called again for more club events. He spoke of the Fireboat tour of Boston Harbor, which will be held July 21. Ed, N1PBA, suggested a barbecue and will look into possible sites.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:38PM