Volume VIII, Number 7; July, 1996
Newsletter of the Boston Amateur Radio Club
A Special Service Club of the ARRL

QNC de Mike Ardai, N1IST

It was great to see everyone at Field Day last week; I hope everyone had a great time. I'm glad that so many BARC members were able to stop by and either operate or just see what was going on. Special thanks to all who helped set up and tear down, and those who brought supplies and equipment. See my Field Day review later in this newsletter for more...

We still have many BARC badges waiting to be picked up. Back in February, I made new badges for everyone, and many of you still haven't picked them up. Since it would cost too much for us to mail them out to everyone, either pick them up at the upcoming General meeting or MIT flea (and get the stick-on badge clip) or send a SASE to the BARC PO Box and I'll get the badge out to you (but not the clip; it won't fit in an envelope). Either way, please get your badge; they are different this time, and a nice way to show off your BARC membership!

Special thanks to our exiting BARC officers, Ed, WA2SCA, and Dug, KD1NU for their service to the club. Congratulations to our new treasurer, Arthur, N1NHZ, and to our new Vice President, WX1G. If anyone has any suggestions for the club, please get in touch with one of the officers, or come to the monthly Executive meeting; it's open to everyone, and that's where the real business of the club happens.

BARC is always looking for people to run workshops, tours, or special events. If you can help out, or just have some ideas, please also bring them to the Exec meeting. Thanks to N1IWF and KA1TUZ for the fireboat tour. Also on 7/21, BARC will be having a club table at the MIT flea market. If you have a couple of items to sell, bring them by. All we ask is a little help manning the table (but a 10% donation to BARC would be great!)

Hope everyone has a great 4th and a terrific summer, and hope to see everyone at the July general meeting; it promises to be a great one.


BARC Election Results

Elections for club offices were held at the General meeting on June 19, 1996. With no dissenting votes, officers elected for the 1996-7 term were:
President: Mike Ardai, N1IST
Vice President: Dave Hunt, WX1G
Secretary: Ed Hennessy, N1PBA
Treasurer: Arthur Ashley, N1NHZ

Congratulations to both our new and reelected officers. They put in hours of time in club business, purely out of love for the Boston Amateur Radio Club. Let's continue to give them help and support in their tasks this coming year.

Field Day 1996 Report
Mike Ardai N1IST

Hope everyone had a great Field Day. Here are my few notes about the event; what went well, and what we can improve next year. If you have any suggestions or ideas for FD, please let me know...

Special thanks to everyone who helped out and showed up, but especially to:

Notes (in random order):

Thanks again to all who showed up, and I hope everyone had a great time. I'll get the scores out as soon as I tabulate and merge them all; I'll also get pictures up on the BARC web page soon.

Request for Field Day Tapes

While in the process of preparing for my club's Field Day, I realized something. I plan to tape as much as possible of our FD effort and make it into a few minute long presentation tape. Why not do a similar tape on a national scope?

So here goes, I am looking for a copy of your club's FD raw footage, preferably this year. I can accept most any tape standard, broadcast, professional or consumer. I would prefer it on one of the broadcast formats, but I know how likely that is. Here is what I can take...

If you have any tape you are willing to let me have, reply via email and I will send you the shipping particulars. And please spread this call for tapes around as much as you can.

ARRL CT Section Technical Coordinator

July General Meeting

How would you like to operate amateur radio, 2500 miles from the nearest large land mass, surrounded by beautiful women, panoramic views, and antiquities? The is exactly what Joe Rich, N1OCS did in September, as a member of the XR0Y TEAM that went to Easter Island, of Thor Heyerdahl, Kon Tiki, fame!

The XR0Y team flew the exact same Explorer's Club Flag, in their base camp, that Thor flew aboard his boat. Joe flew memorial flags for our friends, Dave Crocker, W1TMO/SK and Kathy Pate, KA1IYR/SK.

Come see the slides of the flags, and video of this award winning DX-pedition, among the volcanoes, Maui statues, and beautiful women, on July 17th at 7:30 pm, at the Volpe Transportation Building.

Note: No one laughing is allowed during the scenes of naked N1OCS.

73 de Joe, N1OCS

This month's general meeting will be held at the Volpe Transportation Center, 55 Broadway, Cambridge, at 7:30 pm, July 17. The Volpe Center is across the street from the Kendell Square Red Line T Station, at the corner of Broadway and Third Street. Parking is available along Potter Street. Enter the building on the Third Street side, and sign in with the guard at the desk. Talk-in is on 145.23.

SKYWARN Observer Training, BOSTON

The Boston Amateur Radio Club and the Waltham Amateur Radio Association in cooperation with the Northeastern University Amateur Radio Club is sponsoring a SKYWARN Training Session.

You need not be a ham to take the training, as there is an 800 number for trained SKYWARN spotters to use also. Spotters trained at one of these sessions get a SKYWARN id. This is the same course that has been given recently in Walpole and Gloucester, at an intermediate and highly accessible location. Interested Hams and non-hams alike, from anywhere in Eastern Mass and even beyond are welcome.

Here are the details:

When: Saturday July 27, 1996 Noon-4 PM.

Where: Snell Engineering Room 108 on the campus of Northeastern University, by Ruggles Station on the Orange Line MBTA and off Huntington Ave. Line. Plenty of Parking.

Talk-in: On the 145.23 Boston Repeater.

The training session offers weather spotters whether they are hams or not an opportunity to be trained on severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. It will teach spotters how to depict potential severe weather through various cloud formations as well as to show spotters what to report and what not to report to NWS and what reports are deemed severe by National Weather Service criteria.

Interested people can contact the following people:

KD1CY-Rob Macedo
SKYWARN Training Coordinator
Greater New Bedford ARES Emergency Coordinator
Work Phone: (508) 435-1000 Any time after 3 PM.
Home Phone: (508) 994-1875 Any time before 2 PM.
Internet EMAIL:

N1VUX-Bill Ricker
Email Address: or

Pre-registration is NOT required, however, if you know ahead of time that you would like to attend please let Bill or I know.

I hope this to be a VERY SUCCESSFUL Training Session.

SKYWARN Training Coordinator
Greater New Bedford ARES Emergency Coordinator

Ham Radio Speaker Needed


Does anyone know of a speaker who would be interested in presenting ham radio to the Quincy school system?

Phil Temples (
Watertown, MA USA
tel: +1 617.926.5986

I would just need some one to make a guest appearance for an hour maybe two, we do have a carrier day, for professionals who come to the school and speak about their profession, but I would like to tie this speaker into a technology curriculum & I personally think ham radio would fascinate my students. Perhaps someone who was a key contact in a rescue mission via the radio, I would hope someone that could set up a mobile transceiver and have a little QSO. It's a great group of kids, we house the advanced placement program, and these students are very interested in having professionals come to speak. The person would have to be comfortable speaking in front of 50 to 100 students, and have material enough to hold their attention for an hour. My idea would be for sometime next October or November.

Louis Malvesti
Central Middle School
1012 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 01269

Warren Rothberg is Moving

Well, it's official. I've been offered a job that's just too good to refuse in Florida. My house is sold and I will be moved out on July 2nd. During the month of July I will be shuffling back and forth between Derry and Florida to finish up some work, attend the Division Director's Cabinet meeting and lastly the ARRL Board of Directors' meeting in Connecticut after which I will tender my resignation as New England Division Vice Director effective midnight July 21st.

Donna and I have made so many friends in Amateur Radio over the years that we just don't know where to start saying my "good-bye's". Thank goodness for distribution lists. There are a lot of great memories and, I hope, lifelong friendships here in New England. We will miss you all. We will not miss the snow. As of June 30th, my two internet mail addresses ( and will no longer be active.

Effective July 10th, my new email address is:

U.S. Snail:
9A Waterford Way
Delray Beach, Florida 33446

Telephone: 561-637-2412

Packet: To be announced

DX Cluster: Not available (sigh)

[At this point, insert a lot of mushiness about nostalgia. I really feel it...I just can't talk about it.]

Please keep in touch. And if you're visiting Florida, give me a call.

Warren Rothberg, WB1HBB

Boston Amateur Radio Club Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Recorded by Secretary Ed Hennessy N1PBA
July 2, 1996

Present were Bob Salow, WA1IDA; Mike Ardai, President, N1IST; Arthur Ashley, Treasurer, N1NHZ; Dick Doherty, KA1TUZ; Paul Carter, N1TMF; Ed Hennessy, Secretary, N1PBA; Ralph Walton, N1KOI; Ed Parish, WA2SCA; Dave Hunt, VP, WX1G; Bob Cassell, N1ENS.

The meeting was called to order at 6:50 PM

Bob, WA1IDA, mentioned that 44 people had signed in at Field Day (total of participants and guests). Mike, N1IST, said he will update the web page with the stats and pictures he now has.

Mike said that BARC was thanked in the latest ARRL newsletter for VEs for the VE email mailing list he runs.

Mike also said that we need an alternate VE session location again this month; Engine 37 was a temporary one-time thing. Dick, KA1TUZ will look into a few locations, and the temporary location will appear in the SPARC. (We will need a temporary spot until September.) Mike asked Ed, N1PBA, to write thank you letters to the District Chief and Captain at Engine 37 and to N1IWF at Engine 33 for arranging use of the firehouse for the June VE session.

Mike said that we need to do something with the club shack, especially now that we have had some members come forward and do some activities with the equipment. There are two issues: storage of the stuff and a room to hold activities in.

Dick spoke of a potential speaker for a meeting. She works at the Volpe and would speak on GPS. Mike will contact her.

Mike said that it's time for the club to consider offering another class.

Bob, WA1IDA, asked for the comittee's opinions on proposals for WRC 1999. One involves CW testing requirements, and the other would involve the number of US license classes. More on this will be forthcoming.

A discussion of Field Day began. Mike explained that the tent was still available from the National Guard, but that they had no one available to come set it up (despite the original arrangement). They didn't give us enough time to come up with a tent on our own. Thanks to Rich Amarault, N1JDU, for providing the tent we used. Thanks also go to N1HID for providing the satellite radios and to W1UF for the generator. Bob, WA1IDA, suggested that we have a large FD checklist, and we can even delegate items on it to members. He said that some clubs go through setup and teardown a month or more in advance to see if everything is ready. Maybe we should try that. Also, we should try planning FD at General Meetings to get more people involved (rather than just at FD committee meetings). We discussed buying a tent (again), although this time, it was decided that if, after he aring the Treasurer's Report, we had funds, we *would* buy a tent.

Mike said that the July speaker would be Joe Rich, N1OCS, speaking on his Easter Island DXpedition.

Arthur, N1NHZ, said there is $3965.90 in the club account. We have a large enough balance in the equipment account to get the tent. Dick, KA1TUZ, will buy one when they go on sale and get reimbursed.

Mike mentioned that he'd like to get our stuff out of storage, and save the $80 per month fee. After discussing what we have stored there (mostly old furniture), we decided to dump the stuff and start over (it would be cheaper). The few pieces of equipment there would be moved elsewhere and the rest dumped. Mike, Ed and Dick agreed to go to the storage area on July 20th and take care of this.

Mike proposed (again) and the committee agreed, that we should offer a free year's membership to those who come and speak. It will begin now.

Mike said he still has about 75 badges that have not been picked up at meetings. It will be too costly for the club to mail these out. The group agreed that if someone wants a badge and cannot get one at a meeting, then they should send a SASE and we will mail the badge (without a clip) to them.

Mike called again for more club events. He spoke of the Fireboat tour of Boston Harbor, which will be held July 21. Ed, N1PBA, suggested a barbecue and will look into possible sites.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:38PM

Local Resident Graduates From Guiding Eyes For the Blind

Robert Gildea, W1ZFI of Arlington MA, and his guide dog, Bagheera, recently graduated from Guiding Eyes for the Blind, one of the nation's leading guide dog schools, located in Yorktown Heights, NY. After a 26 day residential class, the pair graduated on Saturday, March 16. This is Gildea's first Guiding Eyes dog and he is excited about his increased mobility and independence. Gildea, a part-time consultant and reseller of computer speech subsystems for the blind, enjoys amateur radio and is active in the Boston Computer Society. It takes about $25,000 to raise, train and pair a Guiding Eyes dog with a blind partner, and there is no cost to the recipient. Funding comes from contributions by individual donors and corporations. Guiding Eyes receives no government support. For more information or to make a donation, contact:
Guiding Eyes for the Blind
611 Granite Springs Road
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
(914) 245-4024.

(R) = Repeater used for public service event

As you might expect, there are many more events (public service, hamfests, flea markets, etc.) taking place - some only peripheral to ham radio. For information on these, covering New England and some of New York, the "Ham - Electronic Flea Market" and the "PSLIST" lists tell the story. They are posted by e-mail to barc-list and on PBBSs regularly. If needed, contact any club member who has access to these.


The Eastern Massachusetts 2M Traffic Net , the Heavy Hitters' Traffic Net, and the BARC Club Net are always in need of volunteers to act as Net Control Station. This is excellent practice for emergency communications, and also an opportunity to sharpen your operating skills among a friendly group of people. For further information please contact Mike Ardai N1IST.


All tent and guide line stakes that are driven in must be removed. My muscles reminded me of this and other things for days after FD (make a note here, work out for a month before the next one!) Camaraderie, a tent full of VERY active radios, and fast food - life is good indeed for the participants in BARC Field Day 1996! This was my first (well, I dropped in on '95 FD for a few minutes,) but it won't be my last. Excellent seeing all of you turn out! You say you didn't come?! Well, you will correct that oversight next year, right? Now if I can just get that TV QRM out of my ears and stop saying "CQ Field Day Whisky Xray One Golf" in my sleep.

I'm grateful to all who sent contributions and suggestions for improvement - keep those cards and letters coming in. I can be reached by email at, packet at N1TMF@K1UGM, snail mail at 11 Commonwealth Court Apt#15, Brighton, MA 02135, and most if not all BARC club nets and general meetings.


In May, we had 148 new Hams join our ranks! EMASS lead the list with 40 new licensees and the list ranged in age from a 10 year old in NH to an 86 year old in EMA. This list only includes new licensees for the month. We are still not able to get good data on upgrades, but will keep trying.

LICENSE      Number
Novice          7
Technician      123
Technician +    13
General         5
TOTAL           148
No. of new women licensees- 25
Youngest new Ham - 10 Yrs (NH)
Senior new Ham- 86 Yrs (EMA)

73, Bill WB1BRE


Extra           AA1QA
Advanced        KE1FB
Tech/Gen        N1XLL
Novice          KB1BYG


If you didn't take part in the 1996 Boston Marathon, you missed getting one of the bright orange caps proclaiming "AMATEUR RADIO EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS." They give instant recognition during the difficult conditions of emergency and public service events - and they should be used only under these circumstances.

We can now make this type cap available to any ham who participates in emergency or public service events. While the present batch lasts, the price is $7.00. If you would like one, come to the next BARC meeting or contact Bob Salow, WA1IDA, at 508.650.9440 or by email at ( Bulk distribution for clubs can also be arranged.


The Boston Amateur Radio Club has a web page at Here you can find some of the latest BARC news, sample exams, maps to our meetings and VE sessions, links to other radio clubs, and a club roster (only names, callsigns, and e-mail addresses are on-line). If you have any suggestions, please let me know at

We also run an FTP site at under pub/hamradio. We've got a mirror of the ARRL infoserver, BARC documents, ham radio software, and a huge mods archive. The FTP site is maintained by Cheyenne Greatorex, Contact him if you have any comments.

We also run a club e-mail list. To subscribe, send a message to with the body (the subject is ignored)

subscribe barc-list

The welcome message will list the other lists that we have over at Netcom. (Yes, I know it isn't on the radio. It is, however, an additional resource for getting in touch with other hams around the world...)

73, /mike

Eastern Massachusetts Net Directory

daily 8pm      Eastern Mass 2M Traffic Net  (NTS)                145.23
daily 9pm      Central Mass 2M Traffic Net  (NTS)                146.97
daily 10:30pm  Heavy Hitters' Traffic Net   (NTS)                146.64
M 9pm          BARC Club Net                                     145.23
Tu 8:30pm      HHTN Computer Net (1st and 3rd Tu of month)       146.64
W 9pm          HHTN Swap Net                                     146.64
Th 8:30pm      Amsat Net N1OHJ/NCS                               146.64
F 9:30pm       SPOT Net N1GKE/NCS                                145.23
Su (9pm)       ARRL/EMA Section Net (4th Su of month)  146.67, 146.82 (linked)

(Third Wednesdays at 7:30 pm)

(Second Mondays at 7:00 pm)

BARC Officers and staff

President: Mike Ardai, N1IST;  617.254.3420;; N1IST@K1UGM
Vice President: Dave Hunt; WX1G  617.266.9716 x27;
Secretary: Ed Hennessy, N1PBA; 617.391.8257;; 
Treasurer: Arthur Ashley, N1NHZ, 	617.661.2988
Vol Exams: Bob Wondolowski, N1KDA; 	617.593.1955
Membership: Arthur Ashley, N1NHZ; 	617.661.2988
Public Service: Bob Salow, WA1IDA;  508.650.9440;; WA1IDA@WA1PHY
Newsletter Editor: Paul Carter, N1TMF,	617 232 6982;; N1TMF@K1UGM

The Boston Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL Affiliated Special Service Club, and is a member of the Council of Eastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Clubs. Copyright 1996 by Boston Amateur Radio Club. All Rights Reserved.