Volume VIII, Number 6; June, 1996
Newsletter of the Boston Amateur Radio Club
A Special Service Club of the ARRL

QNC de Mike Ardai, N1IST

Just like last month, May has also had its share of public service events. Thanks to all who organized and helped out with them. At least the snow is pretty much all gone :-)

I'd like to give a special tip of the hat to our VE team leader, Bob Wondolowski, N1KDA, for showing up every month to try to make some new hams. Also, thanks to Ed, KA1KHK, for being the third regular on our VE team. This is a very valuable service that BARC provides for the amateur radio community, and now that we have a better location (Mass Pep, 590 Huntington Avenue, with the T in front and free parking behind) and date (the second Monday of each month at 19:00; it misses all of those first-Monday holidays), turnout has been increasing. Not up to the old Lotus days, but getting better. Unfortunately, most of our VE team is missing. If you are an ARRL VE, please come on by. With only 3 regulars, we run the risk of having to cancel a session if one can't make it. [Late note... We will be at a temporary location until September since Wentworth has scheduled a class in that room Special thanks to the captain at E37 and Terry, N1IWF, for getting us the room at E37 for the June session...]

Field Day plans are coming along very well; at the last meeting, it looks like we have almost everything accounted for. We could use an antenna and amp (or radio) for 6M and 1.2GHz, and if you would like to see a lesser-used band get on the air, bring the gear down. We'll have power, tent space, and a spot on the mast available. Of course, we will also need people to help with the setup, teardown, and especially with operating on Field Day. I hope to see you all there; setup will begin around 9AM with the tents going up at 10AM; operation starts at 2PM Saturday and runs through 2PM Sunday. Remember that Field Day is a great opportunity to get on HF and work a contest without much pressure. We'll have extra-class control ops there, so you can work all bands and modes!

The BARC events are starting up again! Thanks to N1IWF, we will be having a fireboat tour on July 21st. If you have any ideas for (or even better, can organize) an event, please let us know! There are endless possibilities ; we just need a few volunteers.


Darryl (N1KWQ in Lynn) is looking for a ride to club meetings; if you can help him out, please give him a call. His number is on the BARC roster.

QST to all Amateurs
May, 1996
Strafford, VT
Bill Burden WB1BRE

Warren Rothberg WB1HBB




I have included the text of Dave Sumner's upcoming editorial for July QST in this bulletin. ARRL, as the principal representative of Amateur Radio in Washington, is actively pursuing this issue as this bulletin is being written. Dave's call to action is serious!! We could lose these bands if we do not take action now!!

Follows the text of Dave Sumner's July QST editorial:


Get out a pen and paper, or boot up your computer. There's work to be done! Your help is needed to defend two meters and 70 cm. Yes, that's right -- the two most popular and crowded amateur VHF/UHF bands! But don't panic, and don't "go ballistic." Here's what's happening, and what you can do about it.

The United States is preparing for the 1997 ITU World Radiocommunication Conference, WRC-97. In the past, the public has been able to participate in the preparations for such conferences by responding to FCC Notices of Inquiry. In March, the FCC announced a streamlining of its International Bureau's preparatory processes for WRCs. Under the new scheme, the NOIs have been eliminated in favor of increased emphasis on WRC Advisory Committees.

For WRC-97, a series of Informal Working Groups (IWGs) of the Advisory Committee has been created to address specific agenda items. The output of each IWG will go directly to a joint FCC-NTIA-Department of State Steering Committee of the Advisory Committee. There, draft proposals as received from the IWGs will be reviewed and forwarded to the FCC for possible release as preliminary U.S. proposals for public comment.

In announcing the streamlined WRC preparatory process, the FCC tried to reassure those who might be concerned about reduced opportunities for public participation: "Interested parties should note that input to the Advisory Committee may be sent at any time directly to the Chair of the WRC-97 Advisory Committee; the Chairs of the Advisory Committee's Informal Working Groups; Cecily C. Holiday, the FCC's federal officer of the WRC-97 Advisory Committee, C. Ladson, the alternate federal officer."

Hold that thought while we shift gears to the substance of the issue.

One of the WRC-97 agenda items includes consideration of possible additional frequency allocations for the mobile- satellite service. So-called "little LEOs," low-earth orbit satellites below 1 GHz, already have allocations. Their proponents claim these are inadequate and are trying for more. The needs of little LEOs are being addressed in IWG-2A, chaired by Warren Richards of the Department of State. The ARRL technical relations staff participates in IWG-2A to represent Amateur Radio interests.

At the May 7 IWG-2A meeting, an industry representative proposed a list of "candidate bands" for little LEOs. The list includes a number of bands that would negatively impact existing services, and does not include others that would be technically more feasible but to which strong objection from incumbents could be expected -- the point being that some political, rather than purely technical, judgment already has influenced the list.

Incredibly, 144-148 and 420-450 MHz were included on the list! This is the first time in memory that another service has been proposed for the two- meter amateur band. We must make sure it is also the last time. We do not need to explain to ARRL members the extensive use that is made of these bands by amateurs. The two bands provide the backbone of our local public service communications effort. Voice and data, mobile and fixed, even television -- the list of present amateur uses is a long one, and of future uses is even longer. Both are already used for satellite services and for moonbounce and extended-range terrestrial operations requiring extremely sensitive receivers and high levels of effective radiated power.

Apparently we did need to explain all this to the little LEO industry representatives, so we did just that -- both at the meeting and in a letter on May 15. We also explained that we had to regard the matter as extremely serious. No one with the slightest background in radiocommunication could possibly believe that a mobile-satellite service could be introduced into either band without disrupting existing and future amateur operations.

Therefore, we said, if we did not receive assurance that they would be taken off the list of candidate bands by the deadline for this issue of QST, we would have no choice but to bring the matter to the attention of the entire membership.

The response we received was unsatisfactory. In effect, we were told the little LEO industry would consider our views but that until their spectrum needs are satisfied, all bands must remain under consideration.

So, this is a call to action. We must get across to the industry and government participants in IWG-2A that the 144- 148 MHz and 420-450 MHz bands cannot be considered as candidates for mobile-satellite services. We need to drive the point home so forcefully, with so many grassroots responses, that no one is ever tempted to try this again.

Which brings us back to that invitation for "interested parties" to send input "at any time." There's no time like the present!

(Editor: On ARRL request, at this point, the original QST editorial is amended to omit addresses of individuals. Substituted are alternative instructions for correspondence.)

Send comments by e-mail to Send written comments an original plus one copy to Office of the Secretary, Federal Communications Commission, Washington, DC 20554. Each comment should include at the top, Reference No. ISP-96-005 and Advisory Committee Informal Working Group 2A. The FCC staff says comments will be given prompt consideration. All written and electronic comments from Amateur Radio operators received at the Commission have been included as part of the public record on WRC-97.

Do comment. But be civil. Don't abuse people who are simply doing their jobs. We have to get across that casting covetous eyes on amateur bands is counterproductive, and contrary to the public interest. To accomplish this we need a lot of comments, including yours. But remember that the objective is to educate and persuade, not to intimidate. We don't need to. The facts are on our side. To monitor the FCC's ongoing WRC-97 preparations, visit its WRC-97 home page at: Write now. Right now!
-- David Sumner, K1ZZ

Also monitor the ARRL band threat web page at


by Bob Salow, WA1IDA; Assistant
Director, ARRL New England Division

As you may already know, there is a serious threat to remove the 2 M and 70 cm bands from the Amateur Radio Service. The news has been flying around on the air, on packet and on the Internet. The K1ZZ editorial in the July issue of QST will give you the story.

The recommendations are to think about this threat and to think about the value of these bands. The value is not just to "Amateur Radio," but more to those we serve in response to FCC Part 97.1. The next recommendation is to write a thoughtful argument to certain offices and the people in them doing their jobs. There's no question that right is on our side, but we can win our point only by the presentation of rational argument.

So, what do we see? Within minutes of the release of the above notice, the airwaves were screaming and the Internet was flaming. In particular, the Internet flaming mail was not just expressing the sender's thoughts to ham cohorts, but the same wild messages were being sent to the officials who must decide the matter.

Almost all the messages I have seen were addressed to the suggested authorities, and then, as if to confirm the author's insecure thoughts, copied to the widest available ham distribution. But the problem here is that most of these messages had factual errors which could have clearly been verified by looking at the original notice. Worse, the irrational noise and the poor composition buried the writer's kernel of wisdom so that the intended reader would likely discard the message promptly.

I am certainly not one to stifle free speech. However, "free" does not always lead to "effective." We now need effective communication as we never have before. Please read the notices, digest the information, and compose a clear and rational argument. Send it to the appropriate officials, with a copy to ARRL Headquarters. There is no need to flame the industry, the government or international bodies in your message or to other hams.

Keep in mind that this decision process will go to different levels and take time. Stay aware of the progress and be prepared to communicate again as the subject evolves.


The Boston Amateur Radio Club has a web page at Here you can find some of the latest BARC news, sample exams, maps to our meetings and VE sessions, links to other radio clubs, and a club roster (only names, callsigns, and e-mail addresses are on-line). If you have any suggestions, please let me know at Contact him if you have any comments.

We also run a club e-mail list. To subscribe, send a message to with the body (the subject is ignored)

subscribe barc-list

The welcome message will list the other lists that we have over at Netcom. (Yes, I know it isn't on the radio. It is, however, an additional resource for getting in touch with other hams around the world...)



Have you ever made a contact through a satellite? Spoken to someone in California on HF? How about New York on 2 meter sideband? Made a CW contact? Worked a contest? Set up a station in the back of a truck?

Sounds like fun? If so, then Field Day is for you. Field Day is an emergency drill, where hams all around the country set up stations out in the field (or mall or parking lot...), complete with tents, antennas, generators, and radios, and then try to contact similar stations around the US and Canada. Of course, it has become a contest (actually, an "operating event"), and a whole lot of fun! Don't worry if you only have a Tech license, or even none at all. We will have experienced hams around to help you and serve as control operators.

Field Day setup will begin at 9AM on Saturday, June 22nd; the actual event begins at 2PM and runs through Sunday at 2PM (yep, we'll be running all through the night), with teardown at 2PM on Sunday. We will set up in the parking lot behind the Museum of Transportation in Brookline. If you can help out or have some equipment you can bring, contact Josh Sattin, N1PNN, our Field Day coordinator.

New this year: N1LAR has made up special T-shirts for BARC Field Day '96.If we can get at least 24 orders, they will be only $10 each. If you want one, please get this order form (or an index card with this information) in to the club's PO box by May 17th, or bring it to the May meeting.

I hope to see you all at Field Day.


What is "Citizen Schools?" It is "hands-on" learning experience for 9 to 13 year kids. The program is based upon an Apprenticeship Curriculum where children work directly with adult professionals in a variety of fields to develop high-quality products and performances. The Citizen Schools program involves volunteers, "citizens," in direct service, much like the CityYear Serve-a-thon. Children in the six-week program also participate in sports, explorations, team-building challenges, community service, and a variety of games. They also choose the programs they wish to participate in.

Citizen Schools has asked the Boston Amateur Radio Club to join their program this summer. Summer workshops will be held July 9 to August 14 at three Boston locations: the Timilty School in Roxbury, the Paul A. Dever School near the JFK library, and a site in Brighton. The workshops will run for four hours per week for six weeks. (There is also a Fall program, which run for 2 hours per week for ten weeks, after school.)

Stephanie Davalos, the Associate Director of Citizen Schools, attended our May General Meeting and told us more about the program, answering questions, and asking for volunteers. Stephanie knows a little about amateur radio, but it's our job to help her fine tune the projects that we will present to the children in the program. In addition, to complete our involvement, we need some volunteers who can serve as teachers. The programs run Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-11:30, or Mondays and Wednesdays 2:30-4:30.

If you are interested in committing to teach the children in the program some of the hands-on aspects of amateur radio, please contact Ed Hennessy at (617) 391-8257 and/or Stephanie Davalos at (617) 695-2300 x104. People should do so ASAP, since the program begins at the beginning of July.


Under the able coordination of Bill Foster, KD1NX, on May 8, six hams went to the United Airlines Hanger at Boston's Logan Airport for Aviation Expo '96. They were Myrton N1GKE (Mr. Mouth!) Dick KA1TUZ, Bob N1ENS, Arthur N1NHZ, George WA1PDY, and Bill KD1NX. For us hams, it was a very good day, promoting Amateur Radio and Satellite operations to some of the 3000 grade through high school students from MA and NH attending the expo. We had satellite tracking equipment - Myrton and Bill tried to contact the MIR space station, but no luck, noone was on the air. (Darn!) This years' Expo (the second) was held by MassPort, MassPEP, the FAA and United Airlines. Present were all kinds of aircraft, from helicopters to a fighter jet! Amateur Radio operators were invited to participate again in next year's Expo, and we accepted! This year was quite a challenge with all the students, and we would like to thank all that helped to pull it off.

-73- Bill KD1NX
(Ed: Due to my error, photos of the Aviation Expo are not included. Hope to get them next month!)

This month's general meeting will be held at the Volpe Transportation Center, 55 Broadway, Cambridge, at 7:30 pm, June 17. The Volpe Center is across the street from the Kendell Square Red Line T Station, at the corner of Broadway and Third Street. Parking is available along Potter Street. Enter the building on the Third Street side, and sign in with the guard at the desk. Talk-in is on 145.23.

Minutes of the Boston Amateur Radio Club Executive Committee Meeting June 5, 1996
Recorded by Ed Hennessy, N1PBA, Secretary

Present were: Paul Carter, N1TMF, Newsletter Editor;
Bob Salow, WA1IDA, Public Service Chair;
Arthur Ashley, N1NHZ, Membership Services Chair;
Bob Cassell, N1ENS;
Dick Doherty, KA1TUZ, Nomination Committee;
Ed Parish, WA2SCA, VP;
Mike Ardai, N1IST, President;
Ed Hennessy, N1PBA, Secretary;
Treasurer Dug Johnson and Field Day Chair Josh Sattin, N1PNN, were not able to attend.

The meeting began at 7:15PM.

Dick, KA1TUZ, reported that the Nomination Committee was still looking for a person to run for treasurer or vice president (one person volunteered to run for either position). The slate will be announced at the June meeting, and nominations from the floor will be accepted then.

Mike, N1IST, said that he needed to confirm with Joe Dolliver of Rivendell that he would be speaking at the June meeting. Joe agreed months ago; Mike will find out what he will speak on--R/C aircraft or new stuff in amateur radio. (Ed. Joe Dolliver will not be able to make the June meeting.)

Mike, and Bob, WA1IDA, then mentioned that we have to find a new location for the VE sessions. Wentworth owns the building that MASSPEP is in, and they are taking more and more of the rooms back, including the VE room. MASSPEP is trying to help us find other space in the building, but it doesn't look promising. There is one possibility, but it's a basement room with no windows and no ventilation--not appropriate for testing anything. The problem is that the VE session is in less than a week, so we need to find a close-by spot to hold the test, since we will have to meet the examinees at MASSPEP and go elsewhere. A few places were mentioned, such as a nearby firehouse, as temporary sites for Monday. Discussion continued on sites for a permanent home; we will work on both of these and get back to Mike by the end of the week.

Dick asked about the possibility of electing two of the Executive Committee members. We noted that this would require a change in the by-laws, but the bigger concern is that we need to solicit people to appoint or run--either way, we need people to commit. Mike expressed his desire to get committees going again and get volunteers. He will make an effort to do that in the next few months.

On activities, Mike mentioned a few: the annual Boston Fireboat tour of Boston Harbor will take place again this year. It will be on July 21 (unfortunately, it's again on an MIT flea date, but that was when the boat and crew was available). Mike also said he would like to plan a summer picnic/foxhunt. The group discussed sites to use, which included Larz Andreson Park and the Arnold Arboretum. Mike is looking for someone to head this up.

Dick said that he recently saw ceramic coffee cups that the Lynn Police had had made and were selling. He thought it might be a good thing for BARC to do-- both members and non-members might be interested in buying the cups (many people collect them). The group agreed it was worth looking into. Mike asked Dick to check with the Lynn PD and get cost information (they bought a gross-- we'd start with a much smaller number, so the cost would probably be higher).

Mike will have the "I survived BARC Field Day" t-shirts available at the MIT flea and the General Meeting.

Bob, WA1IDA, said that the banner should be in his hands soon (KA1PPG has it now) and he'll arrange to get it to Field Day.

Arthur mentioned that we might want to associate with the Museum of Science. Bob mentioned that BARC pursued this a few years ago, and it was not feasible. They close at 5PM, and, in order to use the facility after that, we have to guarantee a certain level of attendance, and pay for use of the museum. We can't do either.

Bob mentioned that the Salvation Army would like to get SATERN (Salvation Army Emergency Radio Network) more active in greater Boston in disaster communications. He told them that we would be interested in helping that happen. Bob said, however, that personnel changes there may change this.

Bob spoke about the orange 'emergency communications' caps used at the Marathon. They were a gift to BARC, and several are left after Marathon hams got them. Bob will check with the donor to see if any stipulations were placed on the donation, and, if not, BARC may pursue selling them. A lot of interest was generated about these caps during the marathon. Bob mentioned that, in any case, we need to stress that these caps should be worn only when working emergency communications, so that their effectiveness is not diluted.

Ed, N1PBA, mentioned that he had spoken with Stephanie Davalos, assistant director of Citizen Schools, last week. He asked her if anyone had signed up to be an apprenticeship teacher for the program.. She stated that no one had, but that there was still some time. Ed told her that the announcement would be in the next SPARC, and we would see what developed from that. Ed also gave her Bob Salow's number, so she could get contact information for MASSPEP, and try to link up with them. Ed said that it was probably the mid-afternoon time that was keeping more people from volunteering, but he felt this was an important program BARC should remain involved with. He also said that there is a fall program and this might generate more interest--it is after school.

Mike gave a Field Day update. He asked Ed, N1PBA, to write up press releases to send to TV and radio stations and the Globe to get some publicity for Field Day. Mike reported that the porta-potty was ordered today, and would cost $80. Also, the tents would be arriving at the park at 10AM; we have two of the same type we had last year. Mike is also making sure that we are confirmed with the Town of Brookline. We need someone to pick up gas cans in storage and a computer at N1PAZ prior to Field Day.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.

The next BARC Executive Committee meeting will be held at 6:30 pm on Wednesday July 3 at the Food Court (lower level ) of the CambridgeSide Galleria Mall in Cambridge. This is reachable from the Lechmere stop on the T Green Line. The club's business is conducted at this meeting, and all members are encouraged to come by and participate.

16 Jun MIT Flea
19 Jun BARC Regular Meeting
8 Jul BARC License Exams
20 Jul Antique RC (Nashua NH)
22-23 Jun Field Day
11-14 Jul YLRL Conv (Albany NY)
21 Jul MIT Flea
4 Aug Wellesley ARS Flea (Babson)
18 Aug MIT Flea
31 Aug MARC Flea (Gardner MA)
8 Sep SEMARA Flea (S Dartmouth MA)
15 Sep MIT Flea
29 Sep Jimmy Fund Marathon Walk (R)
29 Sep Framingham ARA Flea
4,5 Oct Hoss Traders (Rochester NH)
5,6 Oct ARRL NE Div Conv (Boxboro MA)

(R) = Repeater used for public service event

As you might expect, there are many more events (public service, hamfests, flea markets, etc.) taking place - some only peripheral to ham radio. For information on these, covering New England and some of New York, the "Ham - Electronic Flea Market" and the "PSLIST" lists tell the story. They are posted by e-mail to barc-list and on PBBSs regularly. If needed, contact any club member who has access to these.

The Eastern Massachusetts 2M Traffic Net, the Heavy Hitters' Traffic Net, and the BARC Club Net are always in need of volunteers to act as Net Control Station. This is excellent practice for emergency communications, and also an opportunity to sharpen your operating skills among a friendly group of people. For further information please contact Mike Ardai N1IST.


CQ Contest CQ Contest ~garble~ ~snap~ W ~whoosh~ 3K ~hiss~ ~growl~ QRZ? (Wish that guy running a kilowatt 100 yards away would have a power failure!) Atop Mt. Wachusett this Sunday morning for the June VHF QSO Contest- a car full of radios and visibility 20 feet in the fog. Poor guy running 10GHz on the other side of the hill must really be having rain scatter problems! This is my first contest and it seems every bit as chaotic as the HF ones - 6M is wide open to the south and the QRM is intense. Straining my hand writing down the contacts (and erasing the incomplete and incorrect ones!) Itís fun! It's exciting! It was really worth the trouble. I thank all of those who I made contact with, and hope to hear more of you at the July CQ VHF Contest.

I don't want to add to much more to the concern about the threat to 2M/70cm, except to second the League's instructions to write the FCC and make your concern known.

I'm grateful to all who sent contributions and suggestions for improvement - keep those cards and letters coming in. I can be reached by email at, packet at N1TMF@K1UGM, snail mail at 11 Commonwealth Court Apt#15, Brighton, MA 02135, and most if not all BARC club nets and general meetings.


We had 187 new Hams with the New Hampshire Section topping the list with 47!

Novice		13
Technician	153
Technician +	19
General		2
TOTAL		187

No. of new women licensees- 37
Youngest new Ham - 8 Yrs (CT)
Senior new Ham- 78 Yrs (CT) 

73, Bill WB1BRE

Extra AA1PY Advanced KE1EO Tech/Gen N1XFI Novice KB1BXY

It has been announced on the Waltham Repeater that John Stacy, W1KIM, aka "Father John" is in the hospital after suffering from a very severe stroke.

John is not accepting visitors at this time, but cards and letters can be sent to him via his home address:

John Stacy
76 Sherburn Circle
Weston, MA 02193-1057
73 de Joe, N1OCS

15 June Newport NH   CVFMA @Bank b-free @8 s$5/sp Conrad WB1GXM 603 543 1389 F+
16 June Cambridge MA FLEA at MIT Nick 617 253 3776 F
11-14 July  Albany NY YLRL Conv Wanda N2JBK 914 454 3249 A
13 July Clinton ME   MCARC Robin N1NFK 207 442 9405 A
13 July Goshen CT    SoBARC @FG rt63nr4 $3@9  $5/T Bob KA1ARR 413 229 8695  + 
20 July Nashua NH    NE Antique RC $5@8 $1@9 @ Res Ctr Church 617 923 2665  
21 July Cambridge MA FLEA at MIT Nick 617 253 3776 F
27 July Newport NH   SugarRiverARF on common Bob N1CIR 603 863 5383 F+
 4 Aug  Wellesley MA WARS@Babson PepsiPav $2@9$10@7 Barb N1ICQ 617 329 2628 F+
18 Aug  Cambridge MA FLEA at MIT Nick 617 253 3776 F
25 Aug  Yonkers NY   YARC John WB2AUL 914 969 6548 A 
25 Aug  Vernon CT  East V-UHF Conf  FLEA $5@8 @QualInn Mark N1LZC 413 566 2445F
31 Aug  Gardner MA   MARC @Drive-in S$5@6 B$2@8 Paul N1IPG 508 632 9432  
4-7 Sep Rochester NY Antique WA Conf @Thwy Marriott      Joyce 607 739 443  

BARC Officers and staff
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The Boston Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL Affiliated Special Service Club, and is a member of the Council of Eastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Clubs. Copyright 1996 by Boston Amateur Radio Club. All Rights Reserved.

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In accordance with the BARC by-laws our annual elections will be held at the regular meeting, 19 June 1996. The nominating committee has presented the following slate for our consideration:
President        Mike Ardai, N1IST
Vice President   Ed Parish, WA2SCA
Secretary        Ed Hennessy, N1PBA
Treasurer        Arthur Ashley, N1NHZ

Nominations will remain open until the voting for each office. You may nominate any club member (including yourself) with the consent of the nominee.

Your club leadership is important for your enjoyment of our activities. It is important to come to the meeting and help select the officers for the coming year.