Volume VIII, Number 5; May, 1996
Newsletter of the Boston Amateur Radio Club
A Special Service Club of the ARRL

QNC de Mike Ardai, N1IST

It's been a busy month. Thanks to all the hams who helped out with the Boston Marathon, and to Bob, WA1IDA, and Ed, WA2SCA for organizing the communications. Everything went extremely well, especially given the numbers that the media was predicting. Thanks also to all the hams who helped out with all of the other public service events in the area. Remember, helping out with these events is great training and preparation for being able to help out for emergencies.

Club badges are finally here. I will be bringing them to the executive and general meetings; please pick up your badge, since it will get very expensive if we have to mail them to you (and we can't mail the clips...) I will be doing another run to catch those of you who missed the Feb. 29th deadline for the first batch in mid-May; they should be ready for the June meeting.

The club net meets each Monday evening at 9PM local time on the 145.23 BARC repeater. It's a great place to find out what's going on in the club and the Boston area ham community. If you would like to run the net (it's easy, and a great way to practice being net control), just let me know. If nobody has picked up the net by 9:03, please jump in and become net control; the net must go on...

On the BARC membership forms, there is a line for donations to the club. Since we are a 501c(3) organization, your donation may be tax deductible. Thanks to all the hams who generously made such a donation.

The BARC elections are coming up. Nominations for officers will open at the May general meeting, and will close just before each election at the June meeting. If you are interested in running for office, contact the nom inating committee or come by to one of those two meetings.

I guess that wraps it up for the month. Keep your eyes (ears?) open for upcoming club events and field trips! Hope everyone has a great summer.



The Boston Amateur Radio Club has a web page at Here you can find some of the latest BARC news, sample exams, maps to our meetings and VE sessions, links to other radio clubs, and a club roster (only names, callsigns, and e-mail addresses are on-line). If you have any suggestions, please let me know at

We also run an FTP site at under pub/hamradio. We've got a mirror of the ARRL infoserver, BARC documents, ham radio software, and a huge mods archive. The FTP site is maintained by Cheyenne Greatorex, n1qzs Contact him if you have any comments.

We also run a club e-mail list. To subscribe, send a message to with the body (the subject is ignored)
subscribe barc-list

The welcome message will list the other lists that we have over at Netcom. (Yes, I know it isn't on the radio. It is, however, an additional resource for getting in touch with other hams around the world...)



Have you ever made a contact through a satellite? Spoken to someone in California on HF? How about New York on 2 meter sideband? Made a CW contact? Worked a contest? Set up a station in the back of a truck?

Sounds like fun? If so, then Field Day is for you. Field Day is an emergency drill, where hams all around the country set up stations out in the field (or mall or parking lot...), complete with tents, antennas, generato rs, and radios, and then try to contact similar stations around the US and Canada. Of course, it has become a contest (actually, an "operating event"), and a whole lot of fun! Don't worry if you only have a Tech license , or even none at all. We will have experienced hams around to help you and serve as control operators.

Field Day setup will begin at 9AM on Saturday, June 22nd; the actual event begins at 2PM and runs through Sunday at 2PM (yep, we'll be running all through the night), with teardown at 2PM on Sunday. We will set up in the parking lot behind the Museum of Transportation in Brookline. If you can help out or have some equipment you can bring, contact Josh Sattin, N1PNN, our Field Day coordinator.

New this year: N1LAR has made up special T-shirts for BARC Field Day '96.If we can get at least 24 orders, they will be only $10 each. If you want one, please get this order form (or an index card with this information) in to the club's PO box by May 17th, or bring it to the May meeting.

I hope to see you all at Field Day.


Under the able coordination of Rick DeSisto, N1IWE, we supported the 1996 Boston Multiple Sclerosis Walk on 21 April. After quick organization, assignments were made covering administration, check points, support vehicle s and hazardous locations. Because the walk route extended several miles from the Common along the banks of the Charles River, the BARC Boston repeater was used.

The following hams participated:

After the walk was completed, the staff of the Boston MS Walk expressed their satisfaction with the communication support we provided and complimented the professionalism of our services.

by Bob Salow, WA1IDA

In late 1994 the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) asked BARC to coordinate ham radio support along the course for the 100th running of the Boston Marathon on 15 April 1996. It was to be a centennial celebration of world wide interest with an increase in runners, spectators and support services. Now that it is over, we realize that the word "increase" should have been "explosion." It certainly was an event to be remembered.

As we knew from many past years, the scope of responsibilities needed many more hams than BARC could furnish. This year would be larger and more comprehensive than ever. Led by Public Service Chair Bob Salow, WA1IDA, and Vice President Ed Parish, WA2SCA, committees were formed to plan and execute the various administrative and technical requirements. Leadership help also came from Wellesley ARS, Billerica ARS, Framingham ARA, Minuteman Repeater Association, North Shore Repeater Association and Sturdy Memorial Hospital ARC.

Following email and packet postings and a snailmail campaign, we recruited the more than 130 hams the BAA stipulated. The event was so complex that even with more than a year of planning, the final BAA requests for our communications were still flexible a few days before the Marathon. Fortunately, we had the skilled resources to meet their needs.

The principal requirement was for the Red Cross First Aid stations, comprising a total of 37 regular and auxiliary locations. We also had hams posted as independent observers, and at the Elite stations and at some of the Entertainment stations. The attraction of this Boston Marathon drew ham volunteers from as far away as New York, Vermont, and Virginia.

As was true for all the BAA functions, the plans for staffing and technical strategy were based on fear - fear of the unknown. Only in February 1996 was the line drawn at 38,000 registered runners (four times that of past years), with a disproportionate number of unqualified runners. And maybe (fright) 20,000 "bandits" (not registered and almost all unqualified). With weather such a sensitive factor for the runners, the whole event cou ld turn on a few degrees. All plans had to be made on the worst case possibilities. As it turned out, circumstances were favorable, and we were more than prepared.

Establishing our communications network was based on the BAA need fitted into the available technical resources. To dilute the expected traffic density along the 26.2 miles, we distributed the load among 14 repeaters in the 2 meter and 70 centimeter bands. This structure gave us the elasticity to accommodate a wide variation in traffic demand.

For the first time in all our Marathon experience, net control was unified at a secure, comfortable site in Wellesley. It was near the middle of the course, and had the altitude for line of sight to all the repeaters used.

Marathon day was a long one. Perhaps we shouldn't complain. K1ST's group of 60 at the start in Hopkinton began as early as 0300, and NA1Q's group of 90 at the finish in Boston and on the busses dragged on past 2200. We opened our net control at 0500 and packed up by 2130, weary and satisfied that we did our best.

It isn't possible to list here the more than 130 hams who participated along the Marathon course and behind the scenes. They are to be congratulated and thanked for an excellent job. Stand by for the 1997 Boston Marathon and the 1997 return of the Tall Ships. And don't forget all the other public service opportunities for hams in between.


For those of you who participated along the course of the 1996 Boston Marathon, your heads were vastly more visible this year. At all emergency and public service events bright caps are always recommended. On each of our Marathon heads this year sat a cap of "traffic orange" with startling visibility. They proclaimed "Amateur Radio Emergency Communications" for all to see.

They didn't materialize out of thin air. The caps were a gift to our ham public service from Fred Doob, AA8FQ, a Marathoner from Cleveland, OH. He ran a very good time this year. Say thanks to Fred the next time you see him at his Solder-It booth at conventions and hamfests.


This month's general meeting will be held at the Volpe Transportation Center, 55 Broadway, Cambridge, at 7:30 pm, May 15. The Volpe Center is across the street from the Kendell Square Red Line T Station, at the corner of Broadway and Third Street. Parking is available along Potter Street. Enter the building on the Third Street side, and sign in with the guard at the desk. Talk-in is on 145.23.


Minutes of the BARC Executive Committee Meeting--April 10, 1996 Taken by Ed Hennessy, N1PBA, Club Secretary

Present were Bob Salow, WA1IDA; Paul Carter, N1TMF; Ed Parish, WA2SCA, Vice President; Mike Ardai, N1IST, President; Dug Johnson, KD1NU, Treasurer; Arthur Ashley, N1NHZ; Ed Hennessy, N1PBA, Secretary. Phil Temples, K9HI was unable to attend due to illness.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM.

Mike N1IST said that the badges are in, and he displayed them. They are made for all who have paid up by February 29, and will be available at the General Meeting and the Marathon. He said they cost slightly more than t he original estimate, but at 40 cents each, they were much cheaper than the $1.25 quote he had first gotten from one place.

Mike also stated that the banner would be ready by the end of the week. It will be displayed at the marathon, at aid station 16 (the one which is prominently in view of the TV cameras, due to its location on the course!)

Mike also stated that the April speaker is set, and we also have one for June--Joe Dolliver from Rivendell, who will speak either on new equipment, etc., or on radio controlled planes. There are a few possibles for May, one of which is a Skywarn speaker, since May is a weather awareness month.

Mike mentioned that club activities should begin soon. We will begin having field day meetings, and we can begin to plan a fox hunt (assuming the snow is finished...).

Mike stated that he would continue to make sure we have facilities reserved at the Volpe and MASSPEP. He needs to coordinate with the Volpe, to be sure that the right people know we meet there. Also, he'd like to send a note to MASSPEP thanking them for their support and use of their facility.

Mike indicated that we should be able to use storage space at a club member's house very soon, so that we can stop renting a U-Haul storage room (at $80 per month).

He also said that the ARRL Affiliated Club and Special Service Club renewals would be sent to Newington soon.

Paul, N1TMF, said he was glad to be given the opportunity to be editor of the SPARC, and he's happy to help out. He's looking for suggestions on improvements, and he's also looking for input/articles.

Bob, WA1IDA, said that a while back, the club gave a plaque in memory of W2KOY, to be hung in the club shack. Since we have no shack at the moment, the plaque is stored in a box at Phil's (K9HI's) house.

Phil suggests that we ask the Harvard Wireless Club to be temporary guardian of the plaque, and post it on our behalf, until our shack is ready. Those present agreed that this was a good idea.

Bob said he got a call from WGBH asking for help from the club for their fundraiser, to be held April 13-25 (7 AM-noon, and weekends 4-7 PM). The help would be in answering phones. Bob didn't promise them anything. Tho se present felt that it would be nice to help, but given that the marathon is right in that time period, it would be difficult to get anyone to help.

Ed, N1PBA, mentioned that he got a call from someone at Citizen Schools, who run an apprenticeship-type of program for kids 9-13 years old. She said they do many hands-on lessons, and wondered if anything in amateur radi o would be appropriate. Ed filled her in on some details of ham radio, and suggested some activities. This is a summer program. All present felt this would be an excellent opportunity. Ed said he was waiting for more info from her, but would keep everyone posted. A few suggestions were made to help the program learn about us and what we can do: have a staffer attend a meeting to see what we're about; have a group attend Field Day; bring a demo to them; do a kit building session.

Bob, WA1IDA indicated that we have 120 paid memberships/renewals as of the meeting time.

Arthur, N1NHZ, asked that Bob Wondolowski, N1KDA, be given a supply of maps, applications, newsletters, etc., to hand out to those at the VE sessions.

Dug, KD1NU, stated that the club treasury has $1648.03, including new member applications and renewals he had just processed.

Ed, WA2SCA, said that he'd been doing work on some of the repeaters that will be used for the marathon. He encourages people to use them, and report anything unusual to him. The Brookline repeater got a new controller, the receiver was tuned (it was off 5 kHz), and the cans were aligned. The Wellesley repeater got a new antenna and the cans were re- tuned. Ed also installed a UHF repeater along the course for marathon use. He said that 145.31 is back on the air temporarily for marathon use--it's been on most of this week, and will shut down again after the race. Ed said that he'd received confirmation from all the repeater trustees of their permission to use their repeaters. MIT was originally reluctant, but agreed. Ed also expressed his displeasure at ICOM. They had originally promised to provide some equipment in support of the marathon, but this never materialized.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.


Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting, May 1, 1996 Boston Amateur Radio Club recorded by Ed Hennessy, N1PBA, Secretary

Present were Arthur Ashley, N1NHZ (Membership Services); Bob Salow, WA1IDA (Public Service, EC); Ed Parish, WA2SCA (VP); Dick Doherty, KA1TUZ; Myrton Smith, N1GKE; Ed Hennessy, N1PBA (Secretary); Mike Ardai, N1IST (President). Treasurer Dug Johnson, KD1NU, was unable to attend.

The meeting was called to order at 6:55 PM.

Mike, N1IST, asked Bob Salow to pick up the club banner. It was used at the marathon; it was given to hams at station 16, then moved to station 17. The ham there still has it. Bob will get it.

Mike said that we are still looking for a May speaker. We will have a video on Skywarn at the May meeting as well. This is an informational tape to encourage people to become involved with Skywarn. Mike said that speakers are set for June (Joe Dolliver from Rivendell--new equipment or RC aircraft) and July (Joe Rich, N1OCS, on the Easter Island DXPedition).

Mike mentioned that a Field Day planning meeting was held. Josh Sattin, N1PNN, is FD chair this year, and he ran the meeting. The equipment we will use is all set. There will be a FD shirt--"I survived Field Day, Boston Amateur Radio Club."-- for those who want one, at at cost of $10. There is a minimum order of 24. The shirts are available thanks to N1LAR.

Mike would like to have a foxhunt. Since May will be a busy month, he proposed June to organize a foxhunt, perhaps in conjunction with a picnic.

The group also suggested other activities that would likely happen, and will need only coordination to accomplish: orienteering, hilltopping, another Fire Boat trip, a tour of the South Station communications area, and a MEMA or FEMA bunker tour.

Mike reported that we have two non-ham volunteers who will attend meetings with us so that we can avoid the $65 charge. (We must pay for security if we do not have an employee with us.) Our Volpe contact has expressed interest in a ham class for these 2 volunteers and others at the Volpe. We will definitely have a class; we just need to see whether a weekend class works better than 8 evening sessions. Mike will contact the Framingham ARA about the success of their recent Saturday class and the syllabus they followed. It would be nice to allow non-Volpe people in the class, but our first priority is to the Volpe, since they asked. They will have a sign-up sheet there, so we will know how many Volpe employees are interested.

Mike mentioned that we really need to contact the club member who offered us storage space for shack stuff, to confirm. Storage is getting expensive, at $80 per month.

Mike also said that June is election month. Two people, KA1TUZ, and Phil Temples, K9HI, have volunteered to be on the nominating committee. Dick would approach another member who has been on the committee in the past. The committee is soliciting names of people interested in running for club office.

Mike commented that there is a problem with the club FTP area. Some files have been lost. Cheyenne is working with our contact at Oakland University and trying to correct it. Also in the computer area, Mike said that t he ARRL will be taking over distribution of the w1aw-list mailing list next week.

Ed, N1PBA, spoke about the Citizen Schools, which is an apprenticeship program for 9 to 13 year olds that will take place this summer. He has been contacted by Stephanie Davalos, the Associate Director. They would love to get involved with BARC, and she will be attending the May General meeting. The group felt that this association was worth pursuing, although the daytime classes may be a problem.

Bob, WA1IDA, mentioned that we need to renew our request with MASSPEP for a room for the VE sessions. He will contact them, and ask for a room with a 30 person capacity. Mike asked that he try to get the same room as we have been using.

Bob said that Terry Stader, KA8SCP, is coordinating the Northeast Regional All Hazards Conference at the World Trade Center Boston, June 26-28. Terry is looking for some hams both for staffing a booth demonstrating ham radio, and for communications needs. There will be 75 seminars/exhibits.

In cleaning up coax, etc., at Mass Bay Community College following the marathon, Bob said he broke a skylight. MBCC said they may have a spare one; if they did not, they would bill Bob and he would make a claim on the BARC liability insurance. If they have a spare, they would install it and not charge BARC.

Bob spoke about the Red Cross meeting he and Ed Parish recently attended. It was a debriefing about the marathon. Basically things went rather smoothly, although some minor changes could be made. Bob summarized these. Bob also said that he and Ed were not able to get from the Red Cross a total number of dispatched ambulances. In years past, the ambulance calls were numbered sequentially as ambulances were sent. The total number of dispatched ambulances was the highest number issued. This year, to help determine frequency activity, ambulance calls were numbered sequentially on each frequency that called for an ambulance. The call sheets were turned over to the Red Cross, and so Bob could not get a total himself.

Bob noted that the Aviation Expo would again have an amateur radio booth. Approximately 3000 schoolchildren would participate. It will be held at the United Air Lines hangar at Logan on May 8. Bill Foster, KD1NX, is aga in heading up the group of hams that will staff the booth.

Ed, WA2SCA, said that he'd bough about $60 worth of brackets and mounting equipment for the marathon. These were used to mount antennas at various locations, especially at MBCC for net control. He may donate these to the club for use at things like Field Day.

Ed also mentioned that there is the possibility of an equipment donation to the club. He will have more on that later.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.


The next BARC Executive Committee meeting will be held at 6:30 pm on Wednesday June 5 at the Food Court (lower level ) of the CambridgeSide Galleria Mall in Cambridge. This is reachable from the Lechmere stop on the T Green Line. The club's business is conducted at this meeting, and all members are encouraged to come by and participate.


As you might expect, there are many more events (public service, hamfests, flea markets, etc.) taking place - some only peripheral to ham radio. For information on these, covering New England and some of New York, the "Ham - Electronic Flea Market" and the "PSLIST" lists tell the story. They are posted by e-mail to barc-list and on PBBSs regularly. If needed, contact any club member who has access to these.


Well, the second attempt for me to royally foul up your newsletter has come and gone - and it's always a nearer thing than you can imagine. This month I learned a little about email discipline. Until now, home email was a toy for me, so I would check my box on a spasmodic basis. This doesn't work too well when you're the recipient of a large and active club's contributions - not to mention half a dozen mailing lists. Getting a few messages a week is a kick. Finding 350 messages in your inbox can be...well, daunting! So I apologize for anyone's mail or contributions that got dropped on the floor this month. I'm learning to check my inbox once a day now, and also learning how to get the XYL off the phone so I can (kids, don't try this at home!) Apart from newslettering, the Sporadic E season is just about upon us. So, let's dust off those 6M and 10M rigs, check the mag-mount or backpackable antennas and enjoy a little hilltopping. Thar's DX in them thar hills!

I'm grateful to all who sent contributions and suggestions for improvement - keep those cards and letters coming in. I can be reached by email at, packet at N1TMF@K1UGM, snail mail at 11 Commonwealth Court Apt#15, Brighton, MA 02135, and most if not all BARC club nets and general meetings.


BARC Net Monday 4/22 31 checkins in 48 minutes

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The MS walk went well this past Sunday. NWS test severe weather drill will be tomorrow unless there is real bad weather, in which case the test will be postponed.
Congrats to n1xad and n1xbr (and all the n1w* stations) on the new calls and wx1g on the new job. BARC badges are in! I'll bring them to the Field Day meeting and to the May meeting. If yours wasn't in the first batch, I will be doing another run in early May. There will be a Field Day meeting this Wednesday night (4/24), 19:00, at the Galleria Mall food court, lower level by the windows.
Looking for hams to help with the March of Dimes walk this Sunday, 4/28, 11:00-15:00, along the Charles River. Contact on 147.03+, 617 275 3740 or kc1us@k1ugm.
This is the perfect way to get experience in working on a public service event, since some of the major events like the Marathon require experienced hams.
If you have any submissions for the May SPARC, send them in; they have to be in by the first weekend in May. Snail mail or send them to There was a band opening this evening. Was monitoring 11M, and had some good contacts on 6M.
Congrats to n1iwe (and all the volunteers) for a good job at the MS walk. There were about 12 hams helping out.
Thanks for all the fan mail :-) See all at the Field Day meeting.
Hams will be helping out with the AIDS walk; mailings will be going out soon.
The MIT flea has moved to the corner of Albany and Pacific (just a few blocks west of its old location). The flea is on the third Sunday of the month, through October
BARC has a club table at the flea. If you have a few items to sell, bring them down. All we ask is that you help man the table (but a 10% donation to BARC would be nice...)
Skywarn is on in West Mass; very heavy rains
Thanks to all for your help with the MS walk. Thanks to BARC for the recent VE exam session.
First time checkin.
Thanks for sending out the new member packet.
Come visit the BARC home page at or subscribe to barc-list by sending a message to with the body "subscribe barc-list".

BARC Net Monday 4/29

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BARC badges are in! I'll bring them to the to the May meeting. If yours wasn't in the first batch, I will be doing another run in May. BARC has a club table at the MIT flea. If you have a few items to sell, br ing them down. All we ask is that you help man the table (but a 10% donation to BARC would be nice...) Club elections are coming up; nominations will open at the May general meeting and will stay open until the electi ons at the June meeting. If you are interested in running for club office, please do so!
There will be an executive committee meeting this Wednesday at 18:30 at the galleria mall food court, lower level. All are welcome to attend; this is where the real business of the club is handled.
The Mass QSO party will be this weekend 5/4 1800Z - 5/5 0400Z, 1100Z-2100Z. Exchange is RST and MA county.
The deadline for the May SPARC is 5/3. We are looking for submissions. Send to or 11 Commonwealth Ct #15 Brighton MA 02135 or n1tmf@k1ugm.
Field Day will be 6/22-6/23 at Larz Andersen park in Brookline (behind the transportation museum). We are looking for help setting up, operating and tearing down the stations. Let's get as many people out there t o operate and have fun!
When is Deerchester?
5/10 and 5/11, in Rochester NH.
There will be a bikeathon the same weekend as Field Day. They are looking for operators to help out, contact n1pyn if you can help.
If you have not been to a Field Day, please come down! You don't have to be a BARC member, or even a ham. We will have extra-class operators on hand, and will have a satellite station to work the birds.


Well, it looks like Gettysburg caught up with the applications backlog following the government shutdown! We had 168 new Hams in New England in March with Connecticut leading the count with 37. Of that numb er, about 24 were 12-14 year old graduates of the school course run by Pete Kemp KZ1Z in Bethel, CT. Pete has been doing this very successfully for years, seeding us with the next generation of active Amateurs.

Novice      7
Tech      135
Tech+      25
General     1
TOTAL     168
35 new women operators
Youngest new ham- 8 yrs (NH)
Senior new Ham - 71 yrs (CT)

73, Bill Burden WB1BRE
New England Division Director
American Radio Relay League

May 19, 1996 9AM-2PM

!! We have a new larger lot just 4 blocks West of our old location...

The flea will be held at the corner of Pacific and Landsdowne streets in Cambridge; half a block off Albany St near Central Square from 9AM to 2PM, with sellers set-up time starting at 7AM.

!! RAIN or SHINE !!

Talk-in: 146.52 and W1XM/R-449.725/444.725 (PL 114.8/2A).

MIT's electronics and ham radio flea will take place on the third Sunday of each month this summer, April thru October. There is tailgate space for over 400 sellers and free, off-street buyers parking!

Buyers admission is $4 (you get $1 off if you're lucky enough to have a copy of our ad) and sellers spaces are $10.00-each at the gate.

Sponsors: MIT Electronics Research Society
MIT UHF Repeater Association (W1XM)
MIT Radio Society (W1MX)
Harvard Wireless Club (W1AF)

For more info / advanced reservations 617 253 3776

BARC Officers and staff

President: Mike Ardai, N1IST; 		617.254.3420;; 
Vice President: Ed Parish, WA2SCA; 	508.664.1771;
Secretary: Ed Hennessy, N1PBA; 		617.391.8257;; N1PBA@KA1TUZ
Treasurer: Dug Johnson, KD1NU; 		617.693.4039;
Vol Exams: Bob Wondolowski, N1KDA; 	617.593.1955
Membership: Arthur Ashley, N1NHZ; 	617.661.2988;
Public Service: Bob Salow, WA1IDA; 	508.650.9440;; WA1IDA@WA1PHY
Newsletter Editor: Paul Carter, N1TMF,	617 232 6982;; N1TMF@K1UGM
The Boston Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL Affiliated Special Service Club, and is a member of the Council of Eastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Clubs. Copyright 1996 by Boston Amateur Radio Club. All Rights Reserved.

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