Volume IX, Number 4; April, 1997
Newsletter of the Boston Amateur Radio Club
A Special Service Club of the ARRL

QNC de Mike Ardai, N1IST

Well, I guess Mother Nature was saving up all that snow we didn't have all winter. I hope everyone weathered that little snowfall with no major problems. Special thanks to everyone who helped out with the emergency communications and to N1VUX for the long hours running Skywarn. A hi- tech bug bit at least two people. It's a good idea to have a good old telephone lying around so that you don't lose your phone service when the power goes out and shuts down the cordless phone's base.

We sure will have a busy month coming up here; please don't forget to sign up and help with the many public service events that are on the schedule. Also, don't forget the MIT flea (4/20) and Deerchester (5/9-10), and stop by the club table.

We are currently looking for net control stations for the BARC net (Monday night at 21:00 on 145.23). Special thanks to our new net controls (N1VQY, N1XBR, N1YIA, and N1YER) who took the reigns for the first time this month. If you would like to try your hand at running the net, please contact me. Reminder - there will be no net on April 21st. We'll all be either too tired from the Marathon or at Seder.

If you read the March QST, you will have seen the report from the special ARRL committee formed to review and propose changes to the current ham license structure. Please read it and send any comments to Tom Frenaye (, our New England Division Director.

N1YVP is looking for a ride in to the BARC general meetings from Malden and N1KWQ needs one from Lynn. If you can help them out, please contact them - their numbers are on the BARC roster - or get in touch with me and I'll pass the message along.

BARC is a club with roughly 150 members. Right now, it seems like a dozen of them do all the work. If you can help out with ideas, running workshops or tours, helping with Field Day, or running for office, please do so. The executive meetings on the first Wednesday of every month (at the Cambridgeside Gallera Mall food court, lower level, at 18:30) are open to everyone, and that's where a lot of the real club business takes place. Please stop in if you can.

And finally, we are looking for someone to be the Field Day chairman this year; if you would like to help out, please let me know. We are looking for people to help out organizing the event and a technical coordinator to help plan the setups. Also, if you have any suggestions on how we could improve Field Day (either technical or to make it more interesting to our members), send them to me at or call me on .23

I hope to see all of you at the upcoming meeting.


Multiple Sclerosis Walk in Boston

The Boston Multiple Sclerosis Walk will be held on Sunday, 13 April from mid- morning to mid-afternoon. We have supported this event for several years, protecting the safety of thousands of walkers, and earning the gratitude of the sponsors.

We need about 20 hams to staff the checkpoints, the hazardous locations and shadow the key people. This year the route starts at the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade, east along the Boston side of the Charles River to the McGrath Highway bridge (Science Park), and across to Cambridge. Then west along the river to the Weeks Foot Bridge (near Harvard), across to the Boston side, and along the river back to the Hatch Shell. It's a pleasant day of ham public service for a good cause. Your help is needed. Contact Ed Burg, N1VSJ, at 508.952.6474

Assistive Technology Conference 1997

Now switched to an every other year event, the Assistive Technology Conference 1997 (AT97) will be held on Wednesday, 21 May, at the World Trade Center in Boston. AT97 brings together high-tech information and exhibits for persons of all disabilities and the providers of their support.

BARC has coordinated ham communications for the sponsors for several years. Because of the variety of the disabilities, and the need to protect the safety of those attending, the staff has found ham radio indispensable. Every ham involved in the past events has found this activity so rewarding that they have thanked the sponsors for letting them serve. It is truly an experience to be there.

It is an all day event in the middle of the week, but if you can help, please volunteer. It starts at 0800 and ends at 1730, with shifts available. Radio equipment is a 2- meter (simplex) hand held with extra batteries and an earphone. The World Trade Center is on Northern Avenue. A free shuttle bus runs from South Station (Rail and Red Line). Contact Dick Doherty, KA1TUZ, at 617.969.4880 or; or Bob Salow, WA1IDA, at 508.650.9440 or as soon as possible.

Aviation Expo 1997

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Massport, MassPEP and United Airlines have joined forces again this year to provide a unique experience for over 2000 Greater Boston youth and educators. The Aviation Expo 97 will be a further hands on expansion of the highly successful programs of the past several years. The Expo introduces over 2500 school children and their teachers to the vocational and educational opportunities in aviation and related technical fields.

The Boston Amateur Radio Club has been invited again to show the world of communications we enjoy, and to suggest ham radio as an entry path to technical fields. We use a large booth space with computer and video presentations to show our satellite, packet and hand held communications abilities.

We need several hams to help show our stuff and answer questions. Expo 97 is on Wednesday, 7 May from 0800 to 1500 (shifts are possible) at the United Airlines maintenance hangar at Logan Airport. If you can help, please call:

Dick Doherty, KA1TUZ; 617.969.4880, Bob Salow, WA1IDA; 508.650.9440,

Skywarn Training Session

SKYWARN is a program sponsored by the National Weather Service (NWS) that trains volunteers to be weather observers for reporting destructive storms or other severe, unusual or abnormal weather conditions. Hundreds of hams in this area have been trained, but the program is open to anyone.

Ground reports from SKYWARN observers are used in conjunction with radar observations assisting the NWS in issuing Severe Weather Warnings. Ground reports also help to validate forecasts. Your observational training will give your report special access to the NWS.

The instructor is Glenn Field, Senior Warning Meteorologist, at NWS, Taunton.

Thursday, May 1, 1997 - 7 to 10 PM

Walpole Town Hall
Senior Citizen's Room
135 School St
Walpole, MA.

For questions, directions and registration contact Roger Turner, W1SZA, Director, Walpole Emergency Management at 508.668.2237. Talk in: 146.895/295.

WalkAmerica Needs Your Support

The March of Dimes has requested communications assistance with their WalkAmerica being held on Sunday, April 27. This is a 10km walk through Boston and Cambridge along the Charles River, and should take around four hours. Ten radio operators will be needed for route safety and checkpoints. Last year was our first year supporting the March of Dimes, and the staff was most grateful for our help. Entertainment will be at the checkpoints, and healthy food is being served at the walk finish.

If you can help, or for more information, contact Bruce Pigott, KC1US at 617-275- 3740 7:30 PM to 10:00PM or send a message to

Ham Support for the 12th Annual AIDS Walk Boston

On Sunday, 1 June 1997, 35,000 people will converge on Boston Common for the 12th Annual AIDS Walk Boston. This worthwhile event raises funds to support many activities for the HIV positive community in eastern Massachusetts as well as research into the causes, prevention, and cure of AIDS and related diseases of the immune system. This is the fourth year the amateur community will provide support for the walk. The event starts at 9:00 AM and continues until late afternoon. The amateur effort gets underway at 6:00 AM and continues until about 3:00 PM. Very few of the positions are active during the complete walk, so if you are an early riser, there are positions for you, but if you are a late riser, you can also contribute. We will be providing communications for walker safety and working with the Red Cross at aid stations. The Walk has a party atmosphere with 26 entertainment stops along the route, and is a pleasant way to provide community service.

If you would like more information about helping during this walk, please contact KC1US (Bruce Pigott) EMail at Or phone at (617) 275-3740 from 1930 to 2200

Field Day is coming! Come by on June 28 and 29
at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline and help
set up stations, operate many modes and bands
and have a great time!

License Restructuring Plans

In the March QST, we are asked to comment on the license restructuring proposals being made to the ARRL board in preparation for the upcoming WRC conference. Please read that article and send your comments to Tom Frenaye as soon as possible (he needs to present them in early May). This is the letter that I sent him.

I have been a ham for 6 years (getting my no-code tech on the first VE session I could find after 2/14/91), and have since upgraded to extra. I am active in many aspects of Ham radio (Public Service, NTS, homebrewing, teaching classes, President of the Boston ARC) and hold ARRL Field Appointments as AD, BM, NM, ORS, and am an ARRL Life Member.

After reviewing the existing license structure and the proposals, I feel that they are both *way* too complicated. We are currently the only country with 7 license classes (N, T, T+, Tbefore1987, G, A, E) and going to a similar structure with different names for the classes is ridiculous. There is no real reason to have more than two (perhaps three) classes of licenses.

Unfortunately, whenever you get 5 hams together, you get 6 different opinions. Here is my proposal for redesigning the Amateur Radio license structure:

Again, the goal should be to have a reasonable license structure, not to break things down into a more complicated mess.
73, Michael Ardai, N1IST

Note: These are my own opinions, not necessarily those of BARC or any other members...

1997 Massachusetts QSO Party

1800Z Sat May 3 to 0400Z Sun May 4 and 1100Z to 2100Z Sun May 4.

The 1997 Mass QSO Party is organized by the Framingham Amateur Radio Association.

Classes: Outside MA, MA single op, MA multi op, MA portable, MA team (5 MA single ops), MA Nov/Tech, MA Club

Exchange: RS(T) and QTH (State/Province/DXCC Country/MA County)

Scoring: Count 1 point for Phone and 2 for CW/Digital/Video. Multipliers are MA counties (max 14 per band), (plus States & Provinces & DXCC Countries per band for Massachusetts stations).

Scoring: Final score is total QSO points times total multipliers

Frequencies: Any authorized amateur bands except 30, 17 and 12 MHz

CW - 1810, 3550, 7050, 14050, 21050, 28050, 144.070, and 432.090 MHz.

SSB - 1850, 3890, 7290, 14270, 21390, 28390, 144.220 (SSB), 146.550 (FM), 432.150 (SSB), and 446.000 (FM) MHz.

Novices - 3705, 7130, 21130, 28130.

Awards: Certificates awarded for highest scores in each contest class, State, Canadian Province and DXCC Country and to entrants working all 14 MA counties.

Postmark entries by June 6th. Send logs to FARA POB 3005 Framingham MA 01701, or electronically (ASCII or CT bin format only) to For full copy of QSO Party rules send an SASE to above address, packet KA1USL@K1UGM, e-mail, or visit our website at

FRWN Spring Meeting

The Fairhaven Repeater Weather Net (FRWN) announces that its Spring Meeting will be at the Southworth Library, South Dartmouth, MA on Saturday, April 26 at 12:30 PM. (Wheelchair accessible; road directions, including map, posted at web site listed below)

The featured presentation is a slide show prepared by the Mount Washington Observatory summit staff of breathtaking views from the "home of the world's worst weather."

Although the 40-minute show has been at several major weather conventions, this may be its first public appearance in southeastern Massachusetts. As well as for weather bugs, this should be a treat for skiers, naturalists, outdoorsmen, armchair adventurers, and science students young and old.

Hank Riley, N1LTV
161 <----FRWN site

April General Meeting

This month's general meeting will be held at the Volpe Transportation Center, 55 Broadway, Cambridge, at 7:30 PM, April 16. The Volpe Center is across the street from the Kendell Square Red Line T Station, at the corner of Broadway and Third Street. Parking is available along Potter Street. Enter the building on the Third Street side, and sign in with the guard at the desk. Talk-in is on 145.23.

BARC Growth and/or Vanity

It's a rare month when we fail to add a few new members. We plan to publish the names of new members periodically. Please make a special welcome for the following new (or long lost) BARC members:

Larry OberW1MW
Michael AbruzzeseN1YAI
Tim McCoyN1RBN
John van-SchalrwykN1VBT

In addition, we would like to note here any call sign changes you have made, and honor all members who upgrade. With the FCC "vanity" call sign program under way, it's possible to have a number of changes in our ranks. If you have upgraded and/or changed your call sign, please promptly notify the Keeper of the Database, Bob Salow, WA1IDA, by phone at 508.650.9440 or by e-mail at

Call sign and grade changes
Jane DionneN1UGAUpgrade to Extra
Jon BelinowizN1YDFUpgrade to Advanced
Ralph MyraN1FJLK1IV

Editor's Notes
Announcing the Worked All Neighbors Award

The Worked All Neighbors Award (WAN) is a new award, established for the purpose of making the general public more aware of Amateur Radio in their communities, and also to promote the art of operating in densely populated areas.

The WAN award will be issued to any licensed amateur station presenting proof of one-way contact with all households within a 5km radius of applying station. One-way contact is defined as verified reception of applying amateur station via television receiver, hi-fidelity audio equipment, computer, doorbell, toilet, dental fillings or other equipment allowed by the WAN committee. All amateur bands and all modes may be used for contacts - excepting 6M, as the WAN committee feels this band lacks the required technical challenge. Verified reception includes, but is not limited to, written complaints, tort filings, Notices of Apparent Violation, arrest records, and death threats.

Applying station should send application, with $666 in small unmarked bills (no pennies, please) to:

WAN Award Committee
1 April Fool Plaza
Boston, MA 00000

NOTICE: The WAN Award Committee is not liable for legal expenses, property damage, or personal injury to participants.

I'm grateful to all that sent contributions and suggestions for improvement - keep those cards and letters coming in. I can be reached by email at, snail mail at 11 Commonwealth Court Apt#15, Brighton, MA 02135, and most if not all BARC club nets and general meetings.

Current Editions of ARRL Training Materials

There have been changes to some exams, usually regulations (No, Ohm's Law has not been adjusted). If you are studying for any Amateur Radio test, you'll want to know if you have the most up to date materials. The edition number and printing number are listed in the first pages of each book; look for the copyright box. If the book is a new printing, it has only minor updates. If the book is a new edition, it has gone through major revisions. Abbreviations are as follows: Now You're Talking (NYT), ARRL Technician Exam Review Guide (TERG), ARRL Technician Class License Manual for Novice Class Licensees (TCLM), ARRL General Class License Manual (GCLM), ARRL Advanced Class License Manual (ACLM), ARRL Extra Class License Manual (ECLM), FCC Rule Book (FRB), ARRL Novice/Technician Instructor's Guide (NTIG), and ARRL General Class Instructor's Guide (GIG).

NYT 2nd ed.: All printings (good through June 30, 1997)
TERG 1st ed.: (good through June 30, 1997)
TCLM 2nd ed.: All printings (good through June 30, 1997)
GCLM 2nd ed.: All printings
ACLM 4th ed.: All printings
ECLM 6th ed.
FRB 10th ed.: All printings
NTIG 2nd ed.: Use with 2nd ed. of NYT (good through June 30, 1997)
GIG 3rd ed.: Use with 2nd ed. of GCLM

ARRL Education Dept.

New FCC Number for Ham Info

The FCC has designated a new, toll-free number for Amateur Radio license inquiries - including inquiries about vanity and new call signs. This new number, 888.225.5322, will connect callers to the FCC National Call Center, handled by the FCC's Consumer Information Bureau.

Callers to the old consumer information number will get a message referring them to the new number.

The ARRL Letter, February 21, 1997

Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Award

I have been notified by ARRL HQ that the nomination of Albert J. Muldoon, N1VBH for the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Award was timely filed and will be submitted to the Selection Committee.

Larry Ober, W1MW
ARRL Section Manager, EMA Section

Lawrence Ober
SnailMail: P.O. Box 2133, Acton, MA 01720

Got A Question?

Does anyone now what the shelf life of alkaline batteries is...and how it relates to the "best if used by" date...and how that date relates to date of manufacture.

In other words, if I have a Duracell and they want me to install it by January 2000...when was it manufactured? Is there any appreciable shelf life difference between manufacturers?

And, anyone have a good source for linear integrated circuits...that isn't priced in the stratosphere?

Lots of these parts are becoming obsolete and I need to stock up. I'm not planning on spending $4.95 for low noise opamps...which is what the mainstream suppliers are looking to get for a LM-381- AN ferinstance....

Tom McGee

As there are several of you that have these plates, the answer must be simple.

I'm considering buying a car. Of course (?) I want my call sign to be shown on my license plate. How do I go about to get such a plate? Can I put my reciprocal license on it (my FCC paper says that I am allowed to use the call sign "PA3EUG" in the states)...

Ramon Kolb PA3EUG/W1

Ramon--if you had a car already registered in MA, you'd just go down to the Registry (or call them at 351-4500) and pick up an application for the ham plates. They will ask you to show your ham license, so bring the reciprocal operation permit from the FCC as well as a copy of the PA3 license if you have one.

It will take some time to have the ham plates made, so the best bet is to just register the car with standard MA plates and submit the application at the same time. The Registry will notify you when the plates are in, and then you can do a registration transfer to the ham plates when you go pick them up.

I don't know whether they will allow a non- US call or not, but since you are legally permitted to operate, and if your car's registered in MA, I don't see how they can refuse... Hope this helps. 73 de Ed Hennessy N1PBA
BARC Secretary

For commuting to BU? Are you suicidal? Do you have reserved parking? :-)

Are you sure you want to advertise to your neighbors that you're to blame for lousy TV reception when a plane goes over or the 11m swearing coming from the washing machine?

Are you sure you want to advertise "valuable radios inside" to the thugs that roam the parking lots and driveways of this fine Commonwealth?

Do please let us know if you manage to convince those good people at the RMV that they can and should issue ham plates for a reciprocal privilege; given how recently they couldn't handle hyphenated names (since fixed, I think), their software might "edit" (validate) the input for ham plates as /[WKAN][A-Z]?[0-9][A-Z]{1,3}/ and might have real problems with the /W1 even if it can handle the rest of your call (might have to register illegally in NH to get a "/" in a license plate, they've gotten other states annoyed by including a wide range of ASCII art in plates that other states' police computers can't lookup, e.g. "- ART-" and "*MINE*".

(Note this PERL pattern is incorrect, as we only have A[A-L].* not A.*; I forget who A[0-9]* and AM,AN,...AZ are; and the MARS stations use A[A-L][A-Z][0-9][A- Z]+ calls, though I don't think you're supposed to be able to get a MARS call on a vehicle, so they probably can't recognize those;

73 de N1VUX Bill Ricker

Ramon, you should have no problem obtaining a ham call plate with your reciprocal license. I've seen numerous other DX license plates with the traditional "lightning bolt" insignia, so I know that they are not just vanity plates.

Reminds me of the "bad" old days in the late 70s. When I arrived in MA and applied for a plate, the Registry people were absolutely convinced that I was not entitled to a ham license plate because of the "9" in my callsign. The droid finally looked at my FCC license and was persuaded by the MA mailing address...

In Mass., we pay $45/year (or $40/yr if registering by mail) for ham radio "special series" plates. Special series is different from personalized plates, and also includes "M.D." and "news photographer" plates.

Regular passenger plates are $20, but they are good for two years. Personalized or "vanity" plates are (if memory serves) $70/year.

Phil Temples K9HI


You have a question - technical, operating, equipment, club activities, ham radio, computer, whatever. You asked on the air. You asked at a club meeting. You asked your friends (maybe even your enemies). No useful answers. Next step? The Reader's Forum in the SPARC. This space will be devoted to your questions, problems and grief relief. If we can't get you quick internal solutions, there are 300 other readers who can take a crack at it. Contact the Editor by e-mail, snail-mail, phone, or in his face. You'll be glad you did.

By the way, if you have something to sell or you're looking for a special part or equipment, The SPARC is the place to let the ham community know about it. These notices are free for members.

Sunday April 20th Cambridge MA

so come rain or shine or super heat the Flea is on !!!


Come to the city for a great flea - plenty of free parking.

MIT's electronics and ham radio flea will take place on the third Sunday of each month this summer, April through October. There is tailgate space for over 600 sellers and free, off-street parking for >1000 cars! Buyers admission is $4 (you get $1 off if you're lucky enough to have a copy of our ad) and sellers spaces are $10.00-each at the gate.

The flea will be held at the corner of Albany and Main streets in Cambridge; right in the Kendall Square area from 9AM to 2PM, with seller's set-up time starting at 7AM.

*** Attention Sellers ***
Prepaid vendors, season pass or monthly, will be admitted FIRST. Separate lines will form prior to gate opening for prepaid and nonprepaid vendors

A discount seller's SEASON PASS is available for $50 per space if purchased by April 20th.

Sellers, it is time to get your prepaid advance reservations in to get into the first admittance line.

!! RAIN or SHINE !! Have no fear of rain; a covered well-illuminated tailgate area is available for all sellers (6'8" clearance).

Talk-in: 146.52 and W1XM/R- 449.725/444.725 (PL 114.8/2A).

Sponsors: MIT Electronics Research Society MIT UHF Repeater Association (W1XM) MIT Radio Society (W1MX) Harvard Wireless Club (W1AF)

For more info / advanced reservations 617 253 3776

Steve Finberg W1GSL
PO Box 82 MIT Br Cambridge MA 02139-7082
617 258 3754

BARC will have a table at this (and every) MIT flea this summer. Members are welcome to bring personal items for sale at the table; we only ask that, in return, you help man the table. Of course, a 10% donation will not be refused.

Several Hundred Boston Area Hams Could Be Reading Your Ad Right Now

Commercial advertising in the newsletter provides important services to our members. Besides bringing income to defray the newsletter production costs, you can learn about and patronize those who support us.

We limit the ads to electronics related businesses and to professional ads from members. Advertisers can display a business card size (3.5 x 2 inches) space for $10.00 per month or $48.00 for the same ad for six consecutive months. If camera ready copy is not provided, there may be an additional charge.

However, you play a part. Your effort as a member is needed to present the advantages to advertisers. Businesses and professionals can reach our circulation of over 300 in Greater Boston. Show your copy of this newsletter to businesses that should be looking for our kind of readers. For more information, contact Paul Carter at, or Treasurer Arthur Ashley at, or (both) via the club PO box.

BARC Member Classifieds

Depressed because you have a treasure you must turn to cash and you couldn't make it to the last flea market? Well, cheer up, Bunky! SPARC will run your (non-business) ad for free. Of course, a 10% donation will be cheerfully accepted. Just send your ad to Editor Paul Carter, N1TMF.

Ham Radio Volunteer Services Bill Introduced

ARRL Bulletin 14 ARLB014
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT March 14, 1997
To all radio amateurs

Good news for ham radio volunteers: the Amateur Radio Volunteer Services Act of 1997 (HR 1013)--introduced this week by US Rep Anna Eshoo of California. If enacted, the bill would place volunteers in the Volunteer Examination Program and the Amateur Auxiliary under the protections of the Federal Tort Claims Act by affording them the same legal protections as employees of the Federal Government while they're carrying out such volunteer duties. ''This bill would help protect the personal liability of volunteer Amateur Radio operators while performing duties on behalf of the Federal Government,'' Eshoo said in introducing the measure. As she explained it on the House floor, it's simply a question of fairness for volunteers, who risk damaging lawsuits while saving the government time and money. The bill was introduced with 21 cosponsors hailing from both parties.

HR 1013 is nearly identical to a bill introduced last year but not enacted and similar to a unanimously accepted amendment to the FCC reauthorization bill that Eshoo herself offered last year in the Commerce Committee.

On the House floor, Eshoo outlined the rationale behind the Amateur Radio Volunteer Services Act of 1997 in these words, and urged her colleagues to support the bill:

''Amateur Radio operators are self-regulated, with volunteer operators monitoring the airwaves for violations and administering licensing exams. This volunteer corps saves countless hours of staff time and resources for the Federal Communications Commission; however, because they are not Federal employees, they put their personal assets at risk in the event of actions taken against them as a result of their volunteer service to the Government.''

''It is simply unfair that these volunteers who are saving the Government time and resources should have to risk their personal assets in carrying out their service. The Amateur Radio Volunteer Services Act would classify those individuals donating their time and expertise to maintaining the quality of the Amateur Radio airwaves as Federal employees only for the purpose of actions taken against them in the performance of their duties as self- regulators. This action will ensure the continued viability of the amateur radio community and continue to save the FCC and the Federal Government time and money that would otherwise need to be expended.''

It's Bandwagon Time -- Get On It

BARC Membership renewals are rolling right along. If you have not yet joined the stampede, contact either Arthur Ashley N1NHZ or Bob Salow WA1IDA to get an Application/Renewal Information form to send your dues for 1997.

Dues categories are on the form. Our membership year is the calendar year. Please fill out the enclosed form with the information requested.

Please note the space on the form to give any added support you can to the club's activities and the repeater. As we are a 501c(3) organization, your contribution may be tax deductible. This is an excellent opportunity for you to add to our enjoyment of the hobby and to boost the presence of Amateur Radio in the community.

Treasurer Arthur Ashley, N1NHZ, has asked for your assistance by promptly sending your remittance to:

Boston Amateur Radio Club
P O Box 15585

Please make your checks payable to:


I See the Future
Events Ahead

13 Apr Multiple Sclerosis Walk (R)
18 Apr QRA Auction (Wakefield)
19 Apr NE Antique RC (Nashua NH)
20 Apr MIT Flea
21 Apr Boston Marathon (R)
7 May Aviation Education Expo
9,10 May Hoss Traders (Rochester NH)
17 May RIAFMRS Flea (Forestdale RI)
18 May MIT Flea
21 May Assistive Technology Conference
25,26 MayWhitman ARC Flea
30 May - 1 Jun ARRL Atlantic Div Conv (Rochester NY)
15 Jun MIT Flea
28-29 JunField Day
19 JulNE Antique RC (Nashua NH)
20 JulMIT Flea

As you might expect, there are many more events (public service, hamfests, flea markets, etc.) taking place - some only peripheral to ham radio. For information on these, covering New England and some of New York, the "Ham - Electronic Flea Market" and the "PSLIST" lists tell the story. They are posted by e-mail to barc-list and on PBBSs regularly. If needed, contact any club member who has access to these.

EMA ARRL Section Net

It's time again for the Eastern Massachusetts ARRL Section Net. This net is held the fourth Sunday of each month (Sunday, March 23) on the MMRA linked repeater system at 21:00 local time. Each club should send a representative to the net. Please stop on by and find out what the section and various clubs are doing.

These machines include:

We are also looking for net control stations for upcoming nets. If you can run the net one of these nights please let me know. I'll include the net preamble at the end of this message.

For further information, contact: Mike Ardai, N1IST

Here's the preable for the EMA/ARRL Section Net.

FCC Issued Call Sign Update

The following is a list of the FCC's most recently issued callsigns for District 1 (NE) as of April 1, 1997.


Future Meeting Dates
(Third Wednesdays at 7:30 pm)
Future Exam Dates
(Second Mondays at 7:00 pm)
  • 16 April 1997
  • 21 May 1997
  • 18 June 1997
  • 16 July 1997
  • 20 August 1997
  • 17 September 1997
  • 15 October 1997
  • 14 April 1997
  • 12 May 1997
  • 9 June 1997
  • 14 July 1997
  • 11 August 1997
  • 8 September 1997
  • 13 October 1997
Meetings are at the Volpe Transportation Center,
55 Broadway, Cambridge
Exams are at the Pierce school,
50 School Street, Brookline
Free parking and T access available at both locations

Catch Us On The Internet!

The Boston Amateur Radio Club has a web page at Here you can find some of the latest BARC news, sample exams, maps to our meetings and VE sessions, links to other radio clubs, and a club roster (only names, callsigns, and e-mail addresses are on-line). If you have any suggestions, please let me know at

We also run an FTP site at under pub/hamradio. We've got a mirror of the ARRL infoserver, BARC documents, ham radio software, and a huge mods archive. The FTP site is maintained by Cheyenne Greatorex, Contact him if you have any comments.

We also run a club e-mail list. To subscribe, send a message to with the body (the subject is ignored)

subscribe barc-list

The welcome message will list the other lists that we have over at Netcom. (Yes, I know it isn't on the radio. It is, however, an additional resource for getting in touch with other hams around the world...)


BARC VE Session

The Boston Amateur Radio Club holds its monthly VE session on the second Monday of each month. The next session will be on Monday, April 14. This month, it will probably be held at the Pierce School at 50 School Street in Brookline, Room 110 next to the cafeteria. The session begins at 7pm. There is a free parking garage at the circular driveway. If driving, enter School Street from the Washington street side (opposite 394 Washington). Check: for more info.

For those traveling via public transportation, take the 'D' branch of the Green Line to the Brookline Village stop and walk down Harvard street to School Street, or take the 66 bus and get off at School Street. Talkin on 145.23.

NOTE: This is not a guaranteed location. Please check BARC nets for last minute changes.

We give all exams (Novice thru Extra, CW and written), and you don't need to pre- register. Please bring the following with you:

FCC Form 610 will be provided.

For further information, contact Bob Wondolowski N1KDA Tel: (508) 865 5822 or

Read the April Executive Committee Meeting minutes.

Net Volunteers Needed

The Eastern Massachusetts 2M Traffic Net , the Heavy Hitters' Traffic Net, and the BARC Club Net are always in need of volunteers to act as Net Control Station. This is excellent practice for emergency communications, and also an opportunity to sharpen your operating skills among a friendly group of people. For further information please contact Mike Ardai N1IST.

Here's the preable for the BARC Net.

Here's a listing of Eastern Mass. Nets.

BARC Officers and Staff
PresidentMichael Ardai N1IST (617) 254 3420   n1ist@k1ugm
Vice PresidentJim Clogher N1ICN n1icn@ka1tuz
SecretaryEd Hennessy N1PBA (617) 391 8257  n1pba@ka1tuz
TreasurerArthur Ashley N1NHZ (617) 661 2988
VE (Exam) TeamBob Wondolowski N1KDA (508) 865 5822
MembershipArthur Ashley N1NHZ (617) 661 2988
Public ServicesBob Salow WA1IDA (508) 650 9440   wa1ida@wa1phy
Newsletter EditorPaul Carter N1TMF (617) 232 6982
The fine print
The Boston Amateur Radio Club is a non-commercial association of persons interested in the Amateur Radio Service. The Club is organized for the promoting of interest in Amateur Radio communication and education; for the establishment of emergency communications in the event of disasters or other emergencies; for the advancement of the radio art and the public welfare; for the representation of the radio amateur in legislative and regulatory matters, and for the maintenance of collegiality and a high standard of conduct.

The Club is open to all persons interested in Amateur Radio without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, gender, disability, or sexual preference. Our General and Executive meeting locations are handicap accessible. Other meeting and activity locations may be handicap accessible by arrangement.

The club is an ARRL-affiliated Special Service Club, and is a member of the Council of Eastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Clubs (CEMARC) and the New England Spectrum Management Council (NESMC). The Club is a participant in Partnerships Advancing Technical Hobbies Which Attract Youth to Science (PATHWAYS). The Club is also an assoiciate member of the Courage Handi-Hams system.

The SPARC is published monthly by the Boston Amateur Radio Club. The design and content are Copyright 1996, all rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted to reprint or distribute by electronic or other means any material herein, provided this publication and the issue date are credited. Such permission is limited to use for non-commercial purposes for the benefit of the Amateur Radio community. Permission for other purposes must be obtained in writing.