Minutes of the Boston Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting
May 2, 2002

Recorded by Guy Bzibziak, KB1CRY, Secretary

Present were:

  • Mark Duff, KB1EKN, President
  • Mike Ardai, N1IST, Vice President
  • Guy Bzibziak KB1CRY, Secretary
  • Jim Clogher, N1ICN, Treasurer
  • Rick DeSisto, NG1L, BERT coordinator
  • Arthur Ashley, N1NHZ, Membership Services
  • Robert Cassell N1ENS
  • Dick Doherty, KA1TUZ
  • Joe Scully, K1SQT
  • Dan Malloy, KA1RDZ
  • Paul Olivieri, N1ZKR
  • Frank Murphy, N1DHW
  • Paul Katz, N1LRT
  • Peter Grace KB1CVH
  • Hank Buccigross, K1QK
  • Blake Haskell, K1BTH

The meeting started at approximately 1900 hrs.

The meeting adjourned at 2045 hrs.

This is where the real business of BARC is conducted. If you have any suggestions, questions or comments, this is where to bring them. All members, and anyone else interested, are welcome (and encouraged) to join us at this meeting.

The next Boston Amateur Radio Club business meeting will be held Thursday, June 6th, 2002 (1st Thursday of the month), 7:00pm, at the Parlin Memorial Library, 410 Broadway, off route 99 in Everett, MA. Check the Web page and/or listen to the repeater for directions.