Boston Amateur Radio Club

Business meeting

October 6, 2005

Meeting called to order at 1830 hours.

Those attending:

Mike Ardai                   N1IST

Hank Buccigrosse         K1QK

Joe Harris                     KB1IXK

Blake Haskell               K1BTH            President

Dan Malloy                  KA1RDZ         Vice President

Mark Duff                    KB1EKN

Arthur Ashley               N1NHZ

Bob Salow                   WA1IDA

Jim Clogher                  N1ICN                        Treasurer

Paul Olivieri                  N1ZKR           Secretary

Peter Grace                  KB1CVH


The minutes of the September 2005 meeting were accepted as published in the SPARC.


Blake announced the Exec committee will be the elected officers and Mike Ardai N1IST, Eric Falkof K1NUN, and Joe Harris KB1IXK.


The newsletter folding will be at Dick’s (KA1TUZ) house in Newton.


The October general meeting will be at the Salvation Army in Boston. The meeting will be an equipment familiarization with a club radio set up for members to learn how to set up and use it.  There will also be a time for members to socialize.


The Eastern Mass Section SET (simulated emergency test) will be held on November 12 from 10 am to 1pm local time.


The last Flea at MIT this year will be October 17 and Mike N1IST could really use some help to staff the club table.


Mike reports that the repeaters are working okay, but there is still more work to be done to make the UHF repeater (447.175MHz) linked to the Internet.


Old business: Since we have not got any more hits lately, Mike will take down the on line survey and make a summery of responses.


There was further discussion about net control ops for the Friday SWAT Nets.  Blake solicited volunteers to be NCS for the net from those attending the meeting.


New business: Future business meeting agendas will be posted on the BARC web site.  Anyone who has an item for a meeting is requested to e-mail Blake K1BTH at least two or three days prior to the meeting.


A motion was made by Blake K1BTH and seconded by Joe KB1IXK to allow other club’s public service events to be publicized in the BARC-LIST and in the SPARC when they request such.

There followed much discussion.  Blake then amended his motion to: The Boston Amateur Radio Club will allow, after review, announcements of upcoming public service events to be posted on the BARC-LIST  and announced on club nets.  Articles about those public service events will be accepted for publication in the SPARC. Other appropriate events may also be announced.  The motion, as amended, was passed.


Two plaques will be ordered: one will be made to honor BARC past presidents and a second will be made to honor past “BARC Ham of the Year Award” recipients.


Budget- There was discussion about developing a budget for the upcoming year.  Blake will work with Jim N1ICN to put the club’s financial records into Quicken.


The January 2006 general meeting will be held at the Newton Police Community Room, if it is available.


BARC is looking to volunteers establish a standing committee for Field Day planning.


Mark Duff KB1EKN will try to organize a group for SkyWarn recognition Day which is December 10th.


The meeting adjourned at 2040 hours.