Boston Amateur Radio Club

Business Meeting

November 3, 2005

Meeting called to order at 1843 hours.

Those attending:

 Mike Ardai                  N1IST

Arthur Ashley               N1NHZ

Jim Clogher                  N1ICN                        Treasurer

Dick Doherty                KA1TUZ

Joe Harris                     KB1IXK

Dan Malloy                  KA1RDZ         Vice President

Frank Murphy              N1DHW

Paul Olivieri                  N1ZKR           Secretary

Bob Salow                   WA1IDA


Committee reports:

Membership Arthur reports that he spoke with three potential new members. Two on the SWAT net were newly licensed.  One of these folks is interested to learn to become a net control operator.  Arthur will follow up with them and with Bob to make sure that they get a complimentary copy of the SPARC. 


Exams Mike reports that at the October exams three people showed up and that all three got the licenses that they sought.


Public service Bob reports that there are no scheduled activities until April 2006.


Repeater Mike reports that the repeaters are working fine and that the time announcement has been changed to reflect the change back to Standard Time.


Treasurer Jim reports that the current balance at $ 2476.33.  Paul N1ZKR has renewed the PO Box for another year.


Old business:  The club received a thank you from the Salvation Army for the donation to the Hurricane Katrina relief fund.


After much discussion, it was decided that the Holiday party would be at the Dockside restaurant in Malden again this year. A call was then made and reservations were made for Thursday December 15, 2005


Bob noted that membership applications for 2006 need to be prepared to go out in the mail in the SPARC. 


A motion was made by Dick KA1TUZ and seconded by Jim N1ICN that dues would not be increased and would remain the same as this year.  The motion passed.


A change will be made to the membership application to add a check off space for members who are ARRL certified VEs.


 Net control stations continue to be needed on a weekly basis for the Friday night SWAT Net. Arthur suggested that we should pass a list around at meetings and ask everyone to volunteer for a Friday night.  Arthur also suggested that we should review  the membership list and contact less active and new members to ask them to take a turn as SWAT Net NCS.


After much discussion, it was decided to move the elements of the SWAT net to Monday nights to coincide with the successful BARC net.


Dick KA1TUZ demanded to know what was the status of the club brochure and why it had not been printed yet as we have been working on it for three years.  It was determined that the two people who were currently working on it were not at the meeting, so an answer was not available.


New business:


As a point of interest, Bob made reference to a BARC-LIST posting by Mark KB1EKN, concerning a S.A.M.E. capable weather radio for sale at Building 19 Stores.  Bob had purchased one of the radios and showed it to everyone.  Everyone agreed that it seemed to be of good quality and is a good buy for anyone interested in buying such a radio.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2000 hours.