Boston Amateur Radio Club

Business Meeting

August 4, 2005

Called to order at 1835 hours

Those Attending

Eric Falkof                   K1NUN          President

Mike Ardai                   N1IST

Paul Olivieri                  N1ZKR           Secretary

Dan Malloy                  KA1RDZ

Blake T. Haskell           K1BTH            Vice President

Ed Hennessy                N1PBA

Arthur Ashley               N1NHZ

Jim Clogher                  N1ICN                        Treasurer

Bob Salow                   WA1IDA

Mark Duff                    KB1EKN


The minutes of the July 2005 meeting were accepted as published in the SPARC.


Committee reports:

Exams: There are no exams currently scheduled until September 12, 2005 because of construction at the school.  At alternate date will be scheduled in October due to Monday holidays.


Membership: Arthur reports no recent inquiries.  Some former members have renewed as a result of phone calls that were made.


Public Service: The next event will be the Boston Triathlon on September 4, 2005.  The WGBH family Fun Fest will be on September 10th; the Boston Bike Festival on September 25th ;and the Boston Half Marathon on October 19th.


The SPARC folding will be on Wednesday August 10 at the CambridgeSide Galleria at about 1830 hours in the Food Court lower level.


Programs and Activities: Blake reports that we still are looking for a speaker for the September general meeting.


Repeater: Mike reports that the new controller works fine and there may be some modifications to allow the repeater to make preprogrammed announcements on the nth day of each month as reminders.


Treasurer: Jim reports a balance of $3195.88 with an additional income of $92 to be deposited.


The BARC cookout will be held on Sunday august 28th at the Bare Cove Fire Museum from 1pm to 5pm.

Blake made a motion, which was seconded by Bo to donate $50 to the museum for the use of the facility for the cookout. The motion passed.


Old business: Blake reports that the by-law revisions will be ready for the September Business Meeting.

Incorporation- Blake has investigated and reports that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts currently has no record of BARC. Blake will contact Mike Raisbeck K1TWF who is an attorney and the ARRL New England Division Vice Director for a review of our by-law revision and to find out what we should do with the incorporation questions.

Blake will be meeting with the newest Boston EMA director for introductions and to try to move forward with the MOU.


The brochure was sent to Paul who was not able to get it printed.  Eric will send it to Blake and Mike to get a few sample copies made.


Field Day review- a report is available on the BARC website.


Equipment Storage- the Club equipment has been moved from Marc’s basement to a site in Hingham, which we will rent for $100 per year.


Bob Salow gave a review of the ARRL New England Division “ cabinet meeting” which was held recently in Vermont. Bob commented that there seemed to be more clubs represented than League officials.


New business:  Arthur reports that our regular NCS for the Friday night SWAT net is not able to continue on a regular basis.  Net control operators are needed now.  There followed considerable discussion about the future of the SWAT net.


Bob expressed concern about the need for some more formal guidelines for the issuance of free memberships rather than the random recommendations that now seem to be the process.


Marc Duff reported that the Club has been offered the use of the Community Room at the Newton Police station in West Newton to hold our meetings.  There will further discussion about this possible move in September.


The meeting adjourned at 2045 hours.