Boston-area Repeaters

This will eventually be a directory of Boston-area repeaters (including but not limited to the BARC machines) for area hams who are setting up HTs for the first time, or visitors to the area who want to program some local machines into their rigs. I am indebted to Tadd Torborg, KA2DEW, who has a similar list for Raleigh, NC, that I found useful for trip planning.

You can also find a comprehensive list of local repeaters in the New England Repeater Directory.

B means strong in downtown Boston. The third column is the PL tone or DMR color code. When I figure out how to use CSS in WordPress the rows will be color-coded for various clubs and networked repeaters.

2 Meter FM phone 144–148Mhz band

145.16- D-STAR — Brookline MMRA
145.23- B 88.5/100.0 Boston – Downtown (SKYWARN) BARC
145.43- 146.2 Belmont MMRA
146.52 National 2 meter call channel simplex
146.64- 136.5 Waltham – Prospect Hill WARA
146.64- NAC 293 P25 — Waltham – Prospect Hill WARA
146.67- 146.2 in Quincy – Forbes Hill MMRA
146.82- B 127.3 Boston – Prudential Center (Downtown PL) MMRA
146.82- B 146.2/127.3 Boston – Prudential Center (Main PL) MMRA
147.42 BARC simplex talkaround frequency simplex

1.25 Meter FM phone 222–225Mhz band

224.40- 103.5 Quincy – Forbes Hill MMRA
224.94- no PL Waltham – Prospect Hill WARA

70 Centimeter FM phone 420–450Mhz band

446.0 National 440MHz call channel simplex
449.075- 88.5 in Waltham – Prospect Hill WARA
449.175- B CC1 DMR — Boston Downtown BARC
449.725- B 114.8 Cambridge – MIT Green Building MIT

33 Centimeter FM phone 902–928Mhz band

927.0625- B D244 Boston – waterfront MMRA/NEAR-900