BARC NET Preamble

Any further business for the repeater before we begin the Boston Amateur Radio Club Net?
This is YOUR CALL.

Calling the Boston Amateur Radio Club net. This is YOUR CALL, my name is YOUR NAME and I am located in YOUR TOWN. This net meets each monday evening at 9 PM Eastern time on the Boston repeater, 145.23 with a PL of 88.5. This net is an informal round table discussion concerning matters of interest to the members of the Boston Amateur Radio Club and the Boston Amateur radio community in general. When checking into the net, please say "this is" and drop your carrier to check on doubling. Then give your call sign, name and location. After taking checkins, I will open up the net for any announcements, comments, questions or discussions that anyone may have. Again, please be careful not to double with other stations. All amateurs are welcome to join the net. Any checkins for the Boston Amateur Radio Club net, please call now.

Is there any further business for the net before I close?

Hearing nothing, this is YOUR CALL closing tonight's session of the Boston Amateur Radio Club Net. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the net and those who stood by while I ran the net. The Boston Amateur Radio Club net will return next monday evening at 9 PM local time. This is YOUR CALL returning the repeater to general amateur use. 73.